New iOS Release 2.19.0

The 2.19.0 update is available in the App Store.


  • Added native support for iPhone X display
  • Device Tiles: Partially redesigned, added a “Button” template
  • SuperChart: You can now customize graph time ranges
  • SuperChart: Added option to override auto scaling for all streams
  • BLE: Added support for ESP32
  • App preview: Added ability to dynamically add/remove devices to Tiles widget
  • App preview: Refreshed devices provisioning logic and ui
  • Project settings: Added option to not show offline notifications
  • GPS stream: Fixed unneeded location updates
  • Step: Added support of “step” command via setPropertry
  • DeviceSelector: Fixed value clearing in Terminal/TimeInput on device change
  • Map: Auto following pins is disabled after user interaction
  • Other fixes and improvements

Note: if automatic update isn’t available yet, you can go to App Store and search for Blynk to manually install an update.


Thanks for all of the hard work @Eugene.

I’m loving the new device tile buttons.

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I like it, except for the “LED” indicators against each device in the status screen. They were green (and I think red when offline), but now show as white when online (and I’m not sure what colour when offline)…


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Thanks for this update, but what I am missing the most is the Eventor.

When will it be available on IOS ?

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@jacquesBBB sorry, we are very busy at the moment with business requests.

@PeteKnight Looks like a bug. Thanks for report.

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Thanks a lot.But I can’ t open the app on my iphone after update.Is it a bug

@Somnus do you see some error? Or app is crashed/closed?

I could see the Blynk logo,then suddenly quited to the main screen of my phone(crashed?).

Seems like. What iOS version do you have and iPhone?

@Somnus did you use Android version with your projects recently?

The version is IOS 11.0.1 and my phone is iphone 7

Not,I’ve been using iOS with my project for two months.

OK, I’ve got few crash reports, probably yours. Working on fix.


@Somnus If I’m looking to your crash report, there is a Menu widget in a project which illegally doesn’t have any menu items. Looks like it was changed via setProperty command from hardware. Can you fill it back?

Thanks,I will do it.If I fill all items in menu then use setProperty to change items,will it crash again?

It will crash only when menu has no items.

If you’ve refilled the menu item but it still crashes - remove the app and reinstall it from App Store.