Disable "Notify When Offline" Push Notification?

When I first set up my projects there was a Project Setting (a button) “Do not show offline notifications”. This disabled the push notification pop-up when the device went offline(there is no equivalent push notification when the device goes back online.).

I have a few stable projects and wish to disable this device offline push notification . . . but the button is no longer available in project settings on iOS.

Has this button been removed? How can I disable the offline push notifications? (I want to keep the Send App Conected/Disconnected commands between Blynk Server and Device - I just want to disable the push notification in selected projetcs where I no longer require it.)


Check in the notification widget itself. That is where it is located on the Android platform. Maybe it is the same for iOs.

Thnx Toro,


But . . . the Blynk Docs need updating - its covered in the Project Settings description, and theres no mention of Notification Widget . . .

Over to the chief Blynkers, I’m sure they have plenty of time on their hands :wink:


@Bill_Donnelly we just never implemented this on iOS :slight_smile:. Until now. We will add this in next update.

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I would like to see this to disable offline notifications