Hardware supported by Blynk


  • NXP Warp7
  • Cypress PSOC

Under Consideration

  • Autonomo
  • littleBits
  • WunderBar
  • Netduino

Suggest yours! :smile:


Do you mean Open Sound Control?

Yes Open Sound Control is the protocol but more then just sound apps seem to be using it.

Suggest you add Beaglebone Black to the list of supported hardware !


It would be nice to support NodeMCU on ESP8266


This would be a feature that is TRUELY needed! NodeMCU on the ESP8266…Please make this also possible in the Blynk System.


@vshymanskyy, what about NodeMCU?

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Yes, NodeMCU will be supported in near future (sorry, no concrete dates yet, as we’re rather busy).
If there is someone who wants to put his hands into it, we can provide any information needed :slight_smile:

Espruino tiny javascript MCU



What about LightBlue Bean? I’m thinking the Bean could communicate directly to to the Blynk app over the BLE serial channel, then the phone itself could be the internet gateway?

@dougal, Bluetooth support is on the way and Bean is on the To-Do list for sure. I personally love it :smile:

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If you had Bean support already, I’d be playing with the app now (I have a couple of my Beans in my laptop bag)! As it is, I’ll have to wait until I get home from work, where I can try it out on my Spark Cores. Two more hours? Torture! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But seriously, I’m looking forward to finally trying the app out and seeing new widgets as you push out updates.


I notice you said:

ESP8266 as Arduino WiFi modem (running original firmware)

Does this mean an ESP8266 wired to RX & TX (or another pin pair using SoftwareSerial?)

I am trying to figure out why I can’t get it to connect using that setup, maybe that’s the reason…?

@BoxOfSnoo, Yes, exactly. but “ESP8266 as WiFi modem” is in the works, it is not released yet.
But running Blynk ON the ESP8266 directly is already supported.


Is it too soon to ask if it is going to be possible to arbitrarily assign the Arduino pins to RX/TX?

@BoxOfSnoo, we’re going to use this library for ESP8266 as modem:

It supports using Software Serial.
If you know a better library, please tell us :smile:

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@vshymanskyy, Its not good idea, because this lib support AT v0.22 version up to SDK 0.9.6. Latest SDK 1.0.1 requires ESP8266 modules with 1Mb flash and more, and have smallest free RAM. This lib, also, do not have commit for 2 last months.

NodeMCU have very small heap size with SDK 1.0.0 and above and stop develop on SDK 0.9.6 now.

Good way, IMHO, Arduino IDE. Users can easy update ESP8266 firmware and can customize it.
Also, you can see many commits and pull requests every day from many users on Arduino IDE repo on github


Hi there,

I was able to have the Adafruit CC3000 up and running - Yay! However, it’s crashing after 20 minutes or so. Also, the form factor of it is a bit large for this project. So I am looking to use a few RN-XV WiFly modules we have. I came across your Adapter for the WiFly: Is this code functional and would you recommend starting with this library to work with a RN-XV or should I start from scratch?



Many Blynkers report issues with CC3000 . It’s a known thing and it seems that it’s a chip problem but we continue investigating it. It just needs time.

My wish list:
Teensy LC ARM core dev board
nRF24L01+ Ultra low power 2.4GHz RF Transceiver IC