Hardware libraries v0.2.2 are released!

What’s new?

  • New hardware support:
  • ESP8266 as a shield (running AT firmware)
  • RN-XV WiFly
  • Seeed Studio Ethernet Shield V2.0 (W5200)
    • You can implement your own connection type easily (User_Defined_Connection example)!
  • Major connection stability improvement:
  • ESP8266 standalone
  • Particle Core (Spark Core)
  • Lots of small changes based on the community feedback
  • String class support in Arduino-like platforms
  • Better examples
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed some compilation errors (ENC28J60 + HanRun, ESP8266)
  • Travis CI + PlatformIO

Download link:

For the Particle (Spark) Core:
Example for Particle is here

Full list of supported hardware is here

Happy blynking :wink:


I use both 1.6.4 and 1.0.5 IDE’s… Lots of errors with bad naming in sketch names in 1.0.5. 1.0.5 does not like “boards-json” folder either. It also does not like Sketches with “-”. Not a big deal, but more of a pain…

Thanks for the report. I also used 1.0.6 before, didn’t have any troubles. Could you specify exactly examples with naming troubles? As for the boards-json I will rename it soon.

BlynkSamples-ESP8266 is causing an issue. As noted, 1.0.5 does not like “-” in the names of folders or files.

Sorry, I don’t see the example you’re talking about.
We have ESP8266_Shield and ESP8266_Standalone examples and neither has “-” in the name.
The boards-json is renamed in the master branch as you suggested.

Test on Particle Core with example and it works very well. I can’t seem to tweet out and I don’t see the push notification from the example. I am using an iPad with the latest iOS version.

I download the latest code to the arduino library.
And the Graph widget/Main/Push seem not working for the latest Android app on ESP8266.

tested on ESP8266 ESP-12… working fine so far :grinning:

Hi Rahul, can you make the mail/notification work with android latest app?

oh maybe I was a bit vague… I managed to use graph widget on ios app… no push/email so far… sorry if I gave the wrong idea

That’s ok~ The graph widget works as expected with ios. As it’s new to android, I’m trying it :slight_smile: