Hardware libraries v0.3.0 are released!


This is a major functionality and device support release.

  • New features:
  • Flexible network connection control
  • Direct-Connect - connect directly to the device
    (device is like a server with a pre-configured dashboard)
  • Support #define'd pin numbers in BLYNK_READ and BLYNK_WRITE
  • Use V0, V1, V2 synonyms for virtual pins for better code readability
  • Python script for automating sending commands to devices
  • New hardware support:
  • Arduino Leonardo, Micro, Mini (descriptions added)
  • Intel Edison (Galileo not tested, but should work)
  • RedBearLab
    • CC3200
    • WiFi Mini
  • LinkIt ONE
  • LightBlue Bean
    (experts only!!! tested with PC as a BLE<->TCP gateway, apps are not ready for BLE yet)
    • general Energia WiFi support
  • Many improvements and bugfixes

More details and download here:

Full list of supported hardware: Hardware supported by Blynk

BTW, I released Espruino and Node.js client (alpha stage):


Direct-Connect - connect directly to the device
(device is like a server with a pre-configured dashboard)

Does this mean I can finally connect to esp directly? Esp set as AP and running local server? How about changes to the app?


Well, it seems like it. There is a nice example named ESP8266_DirectConnect in the library. :slight_smile: haven’t tried it though. but i can’t wait until i get home :slight_smile:


Me too! Been a bit busy lately. Ill check it in the weekend


hey… guys, not that fast :frowning: unfortunately it’s not supported by the app yet. App uses SSL, and esp can only do TCP…
And, you will see it’s not that easy… i.e. dashboard is static for now.
So for now it’s intended for power users.
But we will try to make it easy.

BTW, if you have a linux board, there is node.js implementation which also can do direct-connect with SSL (example provided) which actually works with the App.


Update. I think app will do direct tcp along with the Bluetooth support…



Thanks. Just saw that notice in the example. We’ll just sit tight.

That just means that there is more reading to do and knowledge to catch up to :wink:


How can we test the LightBlueBeanRGB example? We need some software on the PC side (a Mac, in my case) to bridge the BTLE data from the bean up to the Blynk Cloud? Is there sample code available, hopefully as a nodejs script?


Hi @dougal.
Yes, right. It’s python + bluepy module :wink:
Maybe we can move this discussion to a different topic (or private discussion), if you’re really interested.


Sure, that sounds good to me. I could probably translate the python code to nodejs + noble.


I have just got the new version and I have problems with the Arduino_serial_usb example, I have also recently uploaded the Arduino IDE.
With the previuos version of Blynk and before uploading the IDE it worked perfectly.
I have verified that I have the proper token.
Can you help me?


Hi @elhombrex . I’ll re-check this…


Hi! I can see that Arduino Leonardo is compatible now. I have a X-Board Relay wich conects as a Leonardo, I presume it will work…

Question is: on my phone, I can´t see the Leonardo listed, how should I do? Thank you! Great app.



Hi, just wait for next app update. It will be very soon!


Dmitriy, thank you! I’m playing with the board right now. If I select Generic Board it works. Now let me put to use the bridge function (very very usefull).


The bridge function? How come everyone finds it useful? Well a question- sorry if its too dumb, but bridge is used to connect to other mcu? Like machine2machine?


Hey there. U mean app will be able to do tcp without beginner users like me required to do too much tweaking? My primary goal is to use esp as standalone-both as mcu and AP. Server, connect phone directly without router/internet and then transfer sensor/actuator data… I hope this will be possible soon. I have a very nice idea for a project…


bridge is used to connect to other mcu? Like machine2machine?

Yes. Exactly.


Thank you for clearing that up :smiley: