Raw data group and pivot

Although this is not strictly a Blynk question it is related to the way Blynk works. I’m having trouble using the raw data from my local server. I export the data from the PostgreSQL database but I really need to group and pivot the data so instead of the standard format that looks like this:

Let’s say that the data are organized based on timestamp.
I’ve tried excel with little success and sql queries (which I’m not very good at) with even less success. Is there a way??

No, no it is not… it is related to how PostgreSQL works… and a query for their forum.

But if you want a Blynk method, there is a relatively new reporting widget in Blynk that might allow your sorting.

Reports widget really simplifies data extraction. Although for my needs would be ideal to have one more option for data grouping based on timestamp. Anyway I’ve managed to do it in excel and I will also check posgresql forum as you mentioned. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: