Blynk Terminal clear command

If there were a way, either from the hardware side, or the app side, the clear the terminal blynk terminal window data. I read about send 24 new lines, but mine actually has way more than that in it. And that kinda is not a very good way to do it. Just a suggestion. It could be like the "erase all data’ on the graph widget.

Terminal now has a clear() method. It will be supported in upcoming iOS app update.

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Oh, good news!

also in the next android update?

Ever since…

Either way works fine with Android 0.24.0 and up

Blynk.virtualWrite(Vx, "clr");  // Terminal Widget
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I need to pay better attention to this… thnx!

It can be very difficult to keep up… even if you spend too much time in the forum like I do :stuck_out_tongue: But the Announcement topics are worthy of reading through each time.