New Android Release 2.26.0

What’s new:

  • Unification of font sizes for all widgets
  • Reporting Widget: multiple recipients, support to work without Device Tiles widget [requires server update]
  • SuperChart: y-axis draw fixes, force auto scale rounded y-axis values
  • Terminal: fixed history restore bug when targeting device selector [requires server update]
  • Several UI adjustments for StyledButton and SegmentedControl

More details on the font size change:

Recently we disabled font scaling for LabeledValue and ValueDisplay widget and introduced 3 ‘forced’ font size options. Now all of that three font sizes are calculating before the drawing on the base of 1x1 cell size so that they will look almost the same in height on all displays. This logic also applies to all other widgets with the font size option, the only exception is Number Input widget, as it’s large font size option would be 2x of default font size option, because this widget can resize in height. All other text showing widgets without font size option (timer, gauge, button, segmented control and several sensors) also will use this model (it most cases - medium font size), but they haven’t this option their settings (probably for some of them we’ll implement it).


does the font size thingy need server update? i’m on 37.4 or something…

here’s 2.26.0 on my S6E - is this expected?

No, font size update has nothing connected with the server.

It seems in one of your value display you have Large font selection (Baby Temp Raw), in all others - Medium or Small, am I correct?

yeah, all except baby temp raw are medium… i have not changed anything except the baby temp raw

so - how do i make them all LARGE @BlynkAndroidDev ?

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Probably the easiest way is via editing profile on server: @Dmitriy could you advice?

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Mmmmm…looks like timer input widget has been affected with this update.
What do you think @Dmitriy and @BlynkAndroidDev?

Wow, yep, that’s a bug, - today later I’ll upload one more build with small fixes (like no paddings on some of your buttons) and will fix this issue too.

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What device are you using? I could not reproduce this text crop on mine ones.

Samsung S7 edge

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@BlynkAndroidDev I managed to fix it by adjusting my display settings…reduced the zoom setting.

Wow, what’s the previous setup was? Ou, I’ve just started to investigate why text size on tabs has been so large on your 1440x2560 device, and it was some display scaling setup?

And what font size is selected in your Number Input widget?

I had my display settings fully zoomed. It’s strange because when I moved the zoom slider back to half way all the blynk widgets increased in size. It better now.

The largest…its now set to mid size. Still happy.

It looks like we were calculating text size for Time Input (it doesn’t support mentioned in this release font size unification) like for a large display, but because of the scale it became too large, that strange that before it was ok - the only changes in this widget were a slight adjustment of paddings.

Large font size in Number Input is for 2x or larger height - so it could look better when it is large.

I’ve settled for mid size…apologies for thinking it was a blynk issue.

@BlynkAndroidDev, I can’t see the 2.26.0 in Play store only the 2.25.1. Currently I’m on test build. Is the 2.26.0 an incremental build, so I do need to update to 2.25.1 first?

Maybe, it is not available on all google play servers at now moment