Upcoming Android 2.18.0 update (IMPORTANT for local server owners)

Dear all,

in the next few days, we will release new Android update. This update has only 1, but very important change. Blynk app from now will use 443 (default https) port instead of 8443 in Blynk Cloud. This change is required as in many cases 8443 port is blocked by default in some networks.

Update may affect existing local servers.

Default app connection port for the local servers will be moved from 8443 port to 9443 port. The new app will connect to 9443 port of the local server by default (in case previous one was 8443).
Please update your local servers to 0.30.0 version ASAP.

For back compatibility 8443 port will be still functioning for 6 months.


There are some question
1- So what about web control page port(9443)?
2- the new android version just changed in ports?
3- what items should we change?

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What about it? I don’t see any reference to changes to it here :wink:

As stated…

As also stated…

And possibly (but we don’t know till we see it) if not done automatically, then you might need to change the port in the custom IP login… simple. Also adjust any port forwarding you might have in your router… also simple if you set it up in the first place.

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Both https and the blynk app protocol will be handled on this port (it is called port unification).

Correct. If port forwarding was done for 8443 but not 9443. You need also to add it for 9443 instead of 8443.


I upgraded my local server to the version 0.30.0. My Android application has version 2.17.3. and it is running on port 8443. Currently is working well. Means it, that local server 0.30.0 does hear on both ports 8443 and 443 ?


And besides… the new App isn’t out yet :wink:

On 8443 and 9443.

Thanks for answer.
Yes, I know, I tried to download new one already :wink: …

Summary what is needed:

  1. upgrade local server to 0.30.0
  2. when new Android version will be to disposal, upgrade it and change port forwarding (If I only will change port in Android application, it will help only for next 6 month.)

That’s all.
Am I right ?

  1. Upgrade server

  2. Awate new App update

  3. Adjust port number in App (possibly already defaulted) and any local router port forwarding

  4. Step 3 has about 6 months leeway before becoming absolutely necessary to function… This time is not really meant for us reading this, but for new or returning users coming in from the cold or after reading old posts, tutorials, etc.

I’m using 443 for Synology NAS, so not possible to use 443 for Blynk local server at same time. Will be possible to keep 8443 or different port? As I know https port can be changed in server.properties and at server settings-custom in android app now. THX


It’s default https webhosting port, DS Photo app, mail app. I can’t change all oh them.

Local servers will be listening on 9443 port, so you could not worry about that.

Yep, the app will change that port automatically on the first run of the newer version, so you will need only to update to the latest app’s version.

Can’t we just set the Blynk custom server to home.mydomain.net:8443 and circumvent the 443, if wished so?

8443 should not be used anymore. Blynk app will work over 9443 for local servers from now. 8443 is just for back compatibility for old apps. Nothing more.

So, I don’t really have a choice? That’s not nice (but understandable from a developers point of view) :wink:

Sure you have. You may take the server, remove old back compatibility part, build and deploy it :wink:.

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I’m bit confused. As i can see above ->
Blynk app from now will use 443 (default https) port instead of 8443
Default app connection port for the local servers will be moved from 8443 port to 9443 port.

As i understand:
Android / iOS app will use 443
arduino app will use 9443

If yes i can NAT 8443 for arduion app to local server IP:9443 for older applications and NAT 9443 to local server IP:9443 for new app

but i can’t NAT 443 for Android/iOS app to local server IP:443 because 443 is already used for other HW.

Am I right?