New iOS Release 2.18.0

The 2.18.0 update is available in the App Store.


  • New widget: Accelerometer
  • Updated default ports: 443 for Blynk Cloud and 9443 for local servers
  • Video Streaming widget: added an option to force TCP transporting
  • Added support of min and max properties in setProperty command
  • Fixed bug when Terminal widget didn’t print text when assigned to device selector
  • Fixed bug when Map widget couldn’t be scaled to fill whole canvas
  • Removed obsolete Graph & History Graph widgets from Widget Box

IMPORTANT: If you run a local server, make sure you have at least 0.30.0 server version. More info here


Does the new release of your IOS APP support BLE connections (especially with the ESP32).
Mine (with the ESP32_BLE from Blynk Bluetooth demo) apps is not being detected from my IOS devices.



In general yes, but ESP32 BLE wasn’t tested here. I’ll post an update in this thread when I’ll get to try it.

Hi Eugene, it would be great if you could test it.

I did some posts regarding this topic in another thread:

IMO the IOS App needs to be fixed.

It would als be great, if you could improve your communication @ Blynk:

In the “[BETA] ESP32 BLE initial support”, vhymanskyy was asking for feedback and from his point of view "I tested it with Android only. iOS may work better, or fail completely! :slight_smile:".

It would be great of getting BLE on the ESP32 & IOS working soon.


Any idea when the iOS app will support the eventor?

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Hello! I use tabs, is there any change to add gestures to change tab? Thanks!

I don’t think so.

After the iOS update, i’m unable to connect to my local server. I see that you changed the port to 9443. I have updated the port forwarding in my router but still unable to connect… any advice?

I get the message, “You have no internet connection”, when trying to connect with my iPhone.

My server is up and running correctly, I can sign into the Blynk Admin webpage.

Can I just change it back to 8443? Why the change?

You need to update your server, more details: Upcoming Android 2.18.0 update (IMPORTANT for local server owners)

I want to downgrade to old version of ios app cause i changed the server to old version(port changes) how can i download older than 2.18.0 app?

Is it possible same as android version we input qrcode from gallery (For scan)?

Downgrade is not recommended as It may break your projects.

But i have to do it because i downgraded server version.
I need help :expressionless:

Why do you need to downgrade server?

After than update to new server version i have some problem(I found my ports are busy to use new version and it’s require to change very option) now i have some problem with notification bit i had not any problem with old version of ios so i need to downgrade and wait to solve problems.

I dont understand why, it seems to be a easy to add feature.

The Blynkers any way?

in new android version we have chose qr code from gallery so are there here any ticket for this feature on ios version? yes

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