Value display widget not showing formatted decimals anymore

Ok, currently placing this in “Issues and Errors”, but it might be I just missed some step in Blynk evolution :wink:

For a loong time I used to format decimal places in Value Display Widget (not Labeled) by means of simple:
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, String(numeric_variable,decimal_places)); and it worked.
Unfortunately just today I’ve noticed, that my values have “CUT” the trailing zero. The decimals appear as soon as the decimal part <> 0.

It is hard to tell WHEN an WHAT created this issue as recently I have changed :

  • the Blynk Lib from 0.4.8 to 0.5.1
  • the Android app from 2.18.2 to 2.19.1 (today)

This is all on local server 0.31.0

Does anyone have any clue?

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Thanks, we’ll check.


@BlynkAndroidDev, could you please provide me in some way access to Android app 2.18.1 or 2.18.2? The 2.17.x I do own can’t login to server and 2.18 wasn’t backed up by me and now I cannot verify when my zero’s disappeared.


Yes @Dmitriy, I’m aware of those changes - I think so :stuck_out_tongue: . I don’t have connection problems using recent software build blocks (except for server - still on 0.31.0 until I will be able to change fw in one of my devices). It might be I misunderstood you (or the other way :wink: ) but my only problem is with those “ugly” looking display widgets with decimal part disappearing. You suggesting that links you provided are explaining this?

Ah. ok. I thought you couldn’t connect.

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We are sure that dropped zero issue started from 2.19.0 release. I will check it soon and fix in one of the next releases. There is no need to move to previous builds, as with each new major version we are changing some things in the protocol, and it is better to stick to them, if not to major (that could have some issue to be dealt with), then to the minor releases.

Have you tried to use Labeled Display widget with its formatting options for your issue with decimals?

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

That was just to assure myself, but if you are telling me where is the problem, then I will certainly hold a while.

No, it’s not critical. Just looks “ugly” and pisses me off :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, off course. They are actively used in my desktops… It might be a good idea to switch, at least for a while…