Terminal Widget Not Updating After IOS App Restarts

Hi - this may be a known issue, not sure? I’ve just converted my first project from Legacy to 2.0 Plus and it generally works just fine. With the Legacy App in IOS when I’d start it up again, previous terminal status messages (ie., processor rebooted at certain day/time, etc) would be on the widget display (tho it might take a second or two to catch up?). With version 2.0 everything stays blank. Sorry - I couldn’t find any posts via search - so let me know if there’s a discussion?

Just to add - I also updated the datastream via the console to "Sync with latest server value every time device connects to the cloud "

I’m using the Plus version of 2.0, NodeMCU - Generic ESP8266 module. I can surely post my code but it’s fairly large…

It is.

Hmm, maybe your search fu needs a bit of work…

We don’t need yet another topic on this issue, so I’m closing th8s one.