Terminal widget will automatic clear when app is reopened


This is my first post in this community so if i do something wrong just let me know.

I was trying to bring all my projects to the new blynk app but I have an issue with the terminal widget.

In the old blynk you could make your device write something to the terminal and open the app later on to read the data. For example if a temperature is reached it could write the date, time and temperature to the terminal and I could check it later on.

In the new blynk iot this dous not work anymore. The device can send info to the terminal if the app on my android phone is open. But if I close the app and open it again the terminal seems to be cleared. So I can’t use the terminal anymore to log data and check the data later on.

I know I can use notifications and check them later on in the app on my phone. But I liked the terminal widget for this. It was so easy.

Has this been changed on purpose or is this a bug? Is there a way to get it working as before? maybe a setting can be created in the terminal widget?

Hope someone can help me. I could not find any answers in other topics.

thanks in advance

It always helps to do a search before you create a new topic. This has been discussed numerous time in the past, here are a few examples…

As we don’t need another topic on this issue I’ll close this one,