Terminal is cleared every time the program is restarted

The topic of the terminal was raised several times, but I never found a solution.
Now, when we talk about the fact that support for the old version of the program is being discontinued, the issue becomes even more relevant.
Maybe you can tell me how I can replace the terminal in the new version.
I need to store rows of data. Few, but they must be preserved.
Today, the terminal is cleared every time the program is restarted. Please advise how this problem can be solved. Are there other methods to store the information. I personally need this function to switch to a new version of the program. So far, I have not been able to do this, since the terminal in the new version does not work the way it did in the previous version.
Perhaps there is another way to solve this problem. I will be glad for any help.


That’s a normal behavior, data retention is not implemented yet.
You can use a labeled value widget instead.

You could also look at logging events, or storing the data that was sent to the terminal and re-outputting it when you press a widget button to refresh the terminal.


Work in progress. In few weeks it will be fixed.


Pete, I didn’t quite understand where I can save the data.
In the device itself, I do not have the opportunity to do this.
This is the function I used the terminal for.

Thanks Dmitriy. Will wait.

Why not?
If the device is sending the data to the terminal widget then it can also be saved locally.


Of course it is possible. Add flash memory and store all information there.
But you must admit, it will be a different, much more complex project.
And now we are talking about a simple transition to a new version,
without the need to build all projects in a new way.

You asked if there was another way to solve the problem and there is.

If you’re using an ESP8266 or ESP32 then you can easily use SPIFFS or LittleFS to do the storage in NVR.

If you aren’t worried about losing the historical data on reboot/sleep then simply store the data in an array.


I am using SIM800 module with Arduino.
Can’t afford to lose information during a reboot. This happens.
And I did not find another way out, except to wait
until the terminal function starts working correctly.

Okay, so maybe @John93’s idea of a few labelled value displays or similar that you use to display one line of data each, or multiple lines in one widget (if that’s possible) would be the best workaround until persistence is implemented.


The problem is still relevant

Looking forward to this. Thanks!

The problem with the Terminal has not yet been resolved.
I sincerely do not understand why the Terminal widget is needed in the application at all, if it has not been working for almost two years?

I need to make a project in which the Terminal is needed - for the accumulation of error messages.
I spent time developing, launched - it turned out that the time was wasted.

Hello, @Serg_Grn looks like you use iOS app?

Hello. No, Android.

By the way, it is not clear why all the topics about this on the forum marked “error” were closed.
When you have a widget in your application that has not been working for a very long time (from the very beginning), then this is precisely a “bug”, and a chronic one at that.
And by the way, this is not an isolated case.
People are just wasting their time. I think it’s called cheating.