Issue with Terminal

For some reason every time I open the app my terminal is blank. Not sure if this is something I am doing wrong, or if this is how it is in the new version. The data shows in the terminal if the app is open, but if it is closed or if I close and reopen it, the data is gone.

With the previous BLYNK I would just use a Blynk.virtualWrite, but I was not sure if this was still the way to do it with BLYNK 2.0. So I followerd the DOCS

         terminal1.println("Car Door Closed On:" + String(currentDate)); 
         terminal1.println("Car Door Closed At:" + String(currentTime));

Do you have android app ?
I don’t have any problem

Yes. I am using android. Maybe i am doing something wrong. I will have to do a little more tinkering later when i get home from work.

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I have the same issue, it seems random.

History for the terminal is not yet done. For now it work only in realtime.

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Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Glad i didn’t spend time trying to find an issue with the code that was not there.

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I didn’t understand the issues was the history :joy:

Same issue I am having, will wait for the fix
Android Phone

Any news when this may be fixed?

Probably best to track it’s progress here:



I see this issue was closed, however the problem still remains as originally reported. There is a comment “No work …” Does this mean it will only be solved much later?

I think it’s interesting that the plans for the web console include “Console to send/capture prints from the device (similar to Blynk 1.0) Terminal Widget”

I wonder if that implies that a different approach is being considered for a console, and if that includes either a mobile widget, or changes to the mobile app to add a console view?

The Terminal Widget seems to be firmly placed in the Blynk Legacy category though.


Please blynk team activate the feature to save events on the terminal it is very important I use it in all my projects

@ebda3 I’ve moved your post into this topic, as I assume that this is what you were referring to, and we don’t need multiple topics on the same subject.


Thank you Pete, I searched before making a new post but couldn’t find this

Hi Pete, your comment

Just a thought, why then is the Terminal Widget offered in Blynk 2.0? My feeling is either fix the problem or remove it from Blynk 2.0 At the moment it can’t be used reliably.

I assume that it was migrated to give some ‘starting point’ widgets in Blynk IoT.

I’m not aware of any reliability issues.
The terminal widget doesn’t retain its history when you navigate away from the app, but as far as I’m aware it does reliably display any data sent to it when it has the focus.
I guess it depends on what your use-case is for the widget
For me, I’ve only ever used it as a way of displaying serial output when remotely debugging devices, and for that situation it works fine.

I think the bigger gap in functionality comes from having no Table widget, and a limit of 100 events (which could be uses as an alternative) per day.


OK maybe a bad choice of word… it does not retain it’s history. You may use it as a debugging device, however my user case is somewhat different. I use it to track power usage day by day and on a month to month basis and display the info on a Billing TAB.

I was using the terminal widget to show/log daily total watering info. Now, I am (have to) using notifications page for that. Not the best solution but it is worked for me.

You can use value displays and virtual pins for every line. You need like 18 virtual pins, value displays and some text widgets.

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Thanks. As you say not the best solution…
The best solution is that Blynk just fix the widget retain problem.