SuperChart auto update on all time periods, not always updating (Android)

As we are with supercharts, @Dmitriy. Are you planing autoupdate based on time period? It is feature I miss right from the beginning of Blynk existence. That should be really easy, but it is not there…

What is that?

:grinning: I’m in a hurry to explain:
Currently the history graph is redrawn whenever graph is “first seen” on display (i.e. App is opened, tab is changed, etc) Is that right?
I would love to see the opened/visible graph autoupdated. When in hour mode it could be 5 min, in 6h some 15min, etc. The auto-refresh time period could be based on selected time period, which directly influences the resolution, or on similar basis. Seems to be simple to implement.
Very often I’m leaving the phone with turned Blynk on screen to periodically control change in some variable. Currently I need to refresh graph by changing the tab back and forth.

I agree, auto update on all time periods should be implemented. The time span on ‘live’ is to short (30 sec), and can be removed if rest of the time periods are auto updated.

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Personally I have not found any use for “live”, but i guess its timespan is directly tied with data push interval.

All periods should be autoupdated once you have new data sent. Sounds like a bug. What is your app version, ios/android, local/cloud…?

The data packets are sent constantly, the push frequency is differentiated and depends on needs. Those typical I’m displaying on graphs (temps, pressure…) are pushed every 30s-1min. Currently I’m observing SuperChart display in 1h mode since 20min, and the charts ARE NOT updating itself.
The latest Android App version and local server version 0.30.2 running on Java 8 VM…
I can check cloud based project later, but as I remember it behaved the same way… I thought it wasn’t meant to autoupdate, but You said it should… So, a bug is hidden somewhere??

Might be based on the phone/tablet OS version… which is why that info was requested :wink:

I can concur that I have a 24/7 running tablet with SuperChart display, getting constant (every few seconds, 5 min, etc.) data. I usually run it on 1D rate, but often have to manually toggle between one rate and another to get the chart to update to current readings.

Android 5.5.1

App 2.17.3

Local Server 0.30.3

I have never seen Superchart update automatically on Android or iOS other than in Live mode.

I can’t be positive, but sometimes it seems to do so… and other times it is clearly 1/2+ a day behind when I look at it.

Same for me.
Android version I’m using are spread: from 4.4 up to 6.x. Have not checked on newer than that, but my “latest ever” device has 7.1. The app is updated based on availability on Android Play Store.

Might it be it happens on App reconnect? I never seen it updating in other case than manual update or app reconnect.

OK, I do NOT run all my projects on a 24/7 display, but I do regularly view my simple workbench power monitor project on an emulator (the emulator and App is always on, but I do flip between projects). And now that I check it… I realise it is always at correct time on a 1d setting, without me needing to click on anything. And it is on an older version of Android… 4.4.4. Single data stream at 5 second intervals.

I am going to leave it up on the screen for awhile and see if it updates automatically.

EDIT, nope… I must have been imagining it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Meanwhile, I realised all this was in an unrelated Idea topic, so I moved it all into its own topic.

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You see?! I told you!..:rofl:

OK, then we have something to consider… for devs… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in agreement with you :smiley: … I was debating with @Costas statement that it never updates… I know, a silly move on my part… never debate outside of my weight class :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it never updates, and was never ment to. What would be the purpose of the ‘live’ tab if all time spans was auto updated?

@blynkola see below but to answer your question, timing.

My question? I send data once a second, the graph never updates. And it’s not a bug, the SuperChart was never intended to update automatically, except for the ‘live’.

The ‘live’ tab is the only way to auto update the graph, but the time span is way to short. If all the time spans were automatically updated, what would be the purpose of the ‘live’ tab?

@blynkola, the “live” tab is kinda useless for me. How much data you see on chart when pushing data in 30s-1min interval? And those are typical values charted by me, but I’m charting as short as 5sec interval too! In such case You see nothing usable on chart.

I totally agree, a graph of 30 seconds is not useful for anything. The ‘live’ should have been a check box where you could turn on/off auto update on the actual time span.

I have suggested this several times before, I hope they will implement it soon.

@blynkola if the devs say Superchart autoupdates then if you wait long enough, days in some cases then the chart should update. It doesn’t appear to do that and that is why it’s being reported as a bug.