SuperChart auto update on all time periods, not always updating (Android)

I don’t get this. If the chart was ment to auto update, what is the point of the ‘live’ tab? It should have been labeled 30 sec then, but it’s not.

And that has to be because it is the the only way you can get the graph to auto update, the live version of the chart.

@blynkola last time I’m going to say this, TIMING.

Live is expected to be seconds, other time frames are longer but still expected to update.


LIVE prints every single value you send.
All other periods updated once a minute. (when 1 entry point is added within 1 minutes interval). However, this is true only for iOS. Android doesn’t do that yet.


Yay! At long last there something that Android users are missing out on!!


Hopefully (I’m sure!) not for long :stuck_out_tongue: Android behind iOS?? Can’t be! :wink:

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Ok, so it’s an Android problem.
At least I get an answer that makes sense, thank you @Dmitriy

But, Android can update the graph in live-mode, why not in the other modes?
What’s the difference?

I like to see the last 24 hour period, thus I chose 1d

However, If I just wanted a static snapshot, I would take a screenshot :camera_flash: … Strangely, I prefer to see that day slowly progress on my chart, just as it does outside my window :wink: Soon :hugs:

Whereas I do not want to sit and stare at the live chart all day long just to keep up to date… Rather only when it matters to see such live data. Testing, monitoring “live” processes, etc.

Ditto for all other ranges.

That’s the point… timing, Timing, TIMING :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes!.. I wasn’t going crazy(er) :crazy_face: I knew I saw my 24/7 1D display change once in awhile… whether due to a quick background disconnect/reconnect or not, it happens… just not always or nearly enough.

So I am looking forward to a regular progressive update in the future. :star_struck:

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As we all, poor Android user do… (Android version worse than IOS?? How could it happened?? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yes, me too, but as we now know, with an Android device you can’t do this.

Yes, that was the purpose of this topic, to determine/resolve the issue… and we got an answer… :slight_smile:

I was referring to your repeated questions / comments… It was hard to determine if you were also wanting an answer, or arguing that it wasn’t an issue in the first place :thinking:

Yes, that happens when people tries to answer a question without having the answer.
Dmitriy had the answer, and suddenly all made sense.

Maybe something to think about? If you don’t have a clue, wait for someone who has :stuck_out_tongue:

Story of my life :upside_down_face:

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@Dmitriy has ALL the answers… just has to be coaxed out of his coding cave with cookies and beer first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I realize that. Every community needs a guru, so let those cookies an beer flow… :cookie::beers:


Whether due to App, Library or Server updates (I have done all since)… I now see the my 1d graph regularly keeping time throughout my day on my 24/7 running tablet… without my having to touch the screen or anything… :smiley:

@marvin7 Can you see the same results now? Is this topic considered solved?

Yup, It has been fixed in the last Android App release. So yes, I consider it FIXED :star_struck:

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