MIN and MAX in SuperChart

Sorry if this request was already done by others…

Often the numbers managed by IOT applications have a significant decimal part.
Currently SuperChart only allows integer numbers for min and max Y values.

This means that if the maximum range of a variables is significantly less than 1, the graphs will be very flattened, not showing enough details to be useful.

For example, I’m monitoring a lithium battery voltage, that during my process may go from 4.2V to (let’s say) 3.8V.
To see the whole range, now I can only set 3 and 5 as min and max respectively, but this way the graph looks quite flat and I can’t really appreciate how the voltage evolves in time

Any chance in near future to have decimals for MIN and MAX values in SuperChart?


Yes, this is planned. right now we are waiting for more users to migrate to the latest app so we could enable this.

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Is this resolved yet?
I cannot set any decimals as Min and Max limit.

Looks like a bug of iOS app. Will fix in next update.
Thanks for report.