New Android Release 2.18.2

What’s new:


Thank You! I can confirm, charts are autoupdated.
STILL issues with chart scrolling!

Same scrolling issue as described in SuperChart issue ? Or something else?

Yes. At least I think so. It is the kind of uncontrolled “fast rewind” at first touch. No smooth, controlled back scrolling.

What Android OS version is on your device?

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It is 6.0.1 on Samsung Note 4.

I have to second that.
S7 edge, android 7. One more thing: after you are "jumped"at the beginning, scrolling back and forth is smooth.

I noticed that the LED widgets got smaller… well the visable LED portion at least.

Was this by design?? If so, why?

I don’t care for it much… guess I kind of like a nice large and visible LED :stuck_out_tongue:

Before and after this App update… Nexus6 v.7.1.1

Looks even worse on my LG G6 v.7.0
No before pic as I didn’t catch this issue in time before it auto-updated.

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@BlynkAndroidDev bug?

Yes, so those werent just my hallucinations! They really got smaller! I hope it wasn’t intentional…

And @GTT what about history scrolling? Is it working for you? As it seems I still have issues with that.

just a trip back in time!

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Hope not… or next update will leave us with only dull red and dim green… and each LED Widget will cost 1499 in energy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Dmitriy

For tiles. When will notify and rtc be supported. i would love to transfer my projects under tiles and use it as a dashboard and fast entry to the projects. but i would need notify and rtc.


Hi @Dmitriy.

I see that the slider now has the facility to do float. I had suggested this some month ago but was told no :slight_smile:

Now that we can have a float is it possible to add a step like the stepper so that the slider can be controlled a bit better. Right now I’m seeing 2 decimal places on my slider. I would like say 1 decimal place and a step of 0.5 for example.


Both of those widgets may be added in general project. They will be moved out of project anyway (in the future).

You actually wanted “extending the step increment to the slider”… and received no answer, not no as answer :wink:

Slider always had incremental use, more so back then, as integers only meant relatively easy visual placement, particularly with smaller ranges. Same is still available, one just has to ignore the floating values shown on the slider.

Sliders and step widget are two differing control methods… and like merging a truck and a car… you probably get the worst of both. We will see.