[SOLVED] Is Blynk server offline? What about firefighter guy?

I was working on a project but the app on my phone cant connect anymore today, whatever I try. “couldnt connect to Blynk server”.

I cant help but think “what if the guy who built the blynk firefigher car has a fire now???”

Not good :open_mouth:


Me also I can’t connect to blink. I am using iOS updated the soft to the latest but still the same.
I did try to reset my password but my email is not recognised??? How come? My be it is something going on with the cloud or servers.

I’m getting the same.

Definitely something wrong with the cloud servers I think. Happy I run a local one … :wink:

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Just curious about this local one you mention? Is it local like only inside your home network or it is visible from outside your network as well? Also how hard is to make your local cloud if you are not a networking expert?

Couldn’t connect to Blynk Sever… Missing BLYNK :disappointed:

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Even I can’t connect my project now!!

Ok, I’m offline too…

Can we run local server + have access via internet when away from the house?

This is the first Blynk outage I have seen since January 2016

Yes, you can forward ports in your router and have it accessible from outside.

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Yep, cool … I knew this day would come sooner or later…

Well thanks guys for confirming that I am not the only one, I can stop punishing my phone now

i reset the router like 4 times before i got to thinking it must be the Blynk…

It’s not really hard. All you need is a computer to run a piece of Java software. It’s fairly well documented. You can run it on a low cost thing like a Raspberry Pi.


me too same
my blynk is offline :disappointed_relieved:

Running Blynk on local server and also making it available on the internet… Are there step by step instructions to make this work?

To get the server up and running, yes, it’s in the Blynk documentation. Port forwarding on your router is something which depends on the router you have how to set it up, but I’d be happy to give some general guidelines.

Thanks @Lichtsignaal I’ll have to get to the router page then. Will do that once I’m back from work…

Glad to see some other reports! I was debugging an Arduino Yun sketch and had just worked out all the Blynk connection/sync issues, then everything went dark. Feel a little better knowing it’s not just me :slight_smile:

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I ripped off my shirt and started screaming at my phone: “You want some of this you little Bitch, you want some?!”

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