Promo period updates

Promo period extended till June 28th!

We have decided to give everyone a few more days to explore the full power of the new platform, and now the pricing plans will kick in on June 28th.

  • Get 5 additional FREE devices if you activate at least one device before July 25th

Everyone who activates at least one device on the new platform will automatically get 5 additional free devices ($25 value) added to their account on July 25th.
Note: Your device should get online at least once and send some data to the new cloud to be treated as Activated

  • 50% discount on PLUS or PRO annual plans for every user who bought Energy in Blynk 0.1 before the Blynk 2.0 launch (May 27th)

We will be sending an email to the qualifying paying users of Blynk 0.1 with instructions on how to take advantage of the discount. Sometimes emails get to SPAM folders, so make sure to check yours if you qualify but don’t hear from us next week.

  • Free access to PRO plan for the most notable members of Blynk community

These members will be handpicked by Blynk team and will be notified about it directly via email.

Happy Blynking!


not received mail

Hi @MariiaDrozhak I have a question (well, a few questions really…)

Everyone currently has PRO access, but that access will now end on June 28th (next Monday).
Will their PRO access then revert to Free access (1 device, 5 users and Basic widgets)?

If so, what will happen to the additional devices and users that they have added to their organisation, and will the PRO widgets disappear from their app?

The complimentary free devices, to be awarded to existing users, and the subscription discounts won’t be available for an additional four weeks (28th June to 25th July). How can users who wish to work on converting their existing projects over to Blynk 2.0 make use of this four week period?



That’s because it’s still June, and the emails will arrive on/before 25th July


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Mee too
iam changing to new platform and if I dont get the 5 devices till 28th whole work will be 00

Also, please note this explanation:

My first device is active, I am a blynk legacy user and want to move my other 2 devices to the new blynk. Do I just have to wait? When will I know when I will be getting the 5 free devices? The one I used as a test has been up for about 4days now.

According to the announcement from Blynk, the answer is by 25th July (it’s currently June).

Seems strange I know, but my question about this wasn’t answered.


We’re now trying to speed up this process.

Ok, thanks, I was hoping I could plan moving my other devices over to the new blynk. I will just wait then.
So far the new blynk is pretty easy to use.
Thank you.

Re-reading the promise it infers that between now and July 25th I’ll only have ONE device as promo period has expired but I’ll automatically get 5 devices added having a device activated and sending data prior to 29th June. Can someone confirm this is the case please? Thank you.

Original Post:
I created my V2 account several weeks ago and activated a device and used it as suggested (it’s offline at the moment) to get the extra fee devices but I have just tried to activate a second device and the system says my demo period is over and I need to upgrade??


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That is correct. We’re also doing our best to activate your free devices faster.


:wave: Thank you @vshymanskyy for taking the time to answer

I know you must be very busy with the roll out so I shall be patient and keep developing my project while I wait! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers :vulcan_salute:

I’ve not had an email about the energy discount yet, has it been sent?

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Not yet. Work in progress.

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Dear Sir ,

What are the eligible criteria for activating 5 devices for free?

In order to get 5 additional devices added to your account for FREE ($25 value), make sure to activate at least one device before July 25th. The FREE devices will be unlocked on or before July 25th.

Thanks and this is very good news for Blynk User