Video streaming only shows buffering

hi I have a problem with the ip atlantis camera vision. I have an iPhone 7 plus and the line of code I put is. rtsp: // login: pass@192.168.1.x. I tried a program and I can see the camera what can I do? thank you

ciao ho un problema con la visione della telecamera ip atlantis. ho un iphone 7 plus e la riga di codice che ho messo è. rtsp://login:pass@192.168.1.x. ho provato un programma e riesco a vedere la telecamera cosa posso fare? grazie

Which model?

Which program and did it have audio.

Buffering on the iPhone indicates the url is correct. Maybe you need to wait for longer for the feed to come through or free up more memory.

The cam is

The app is RTSP PLAYER for iphone

No audio

@luccio I don’t think Onvifer is available for iOS so I would get hold of an Android phone and do a thorough check of your camera with this app.

It will show primary and secondary streams available and the required ports etc.

You could try adding the standard rtsp port of 554 at the end of your url but I think you are missing part of the url, which Onvifer should identify for you.

Thank you i can use andoid and onvifer for know the code of my cam atlantis.
I have insert 554 but not go ):

I trust you are not including all the spaces in this URL :wink:

As started, make sure you are using the full URL and ports as required… for example, one RTSP:// stream I have requires :5554 after the IP not just :554

I have download onvif device manager for windows anh i have know gli url.

But not go :tired_face:

So, are you saying that your URL WILL work with Blynk Video Widget on Android… just not on iOS?

no. onvifer aren’t for apple.

So your camera works with Blynk on Android??

@luccio is Onvifer playing your video stream?

Does Onvifer show what codec the audio stream is?

Many Atlantis cameras don’t have audio.

What is the url as provided by Onvifer?

Does it identify any secondary streams and if so what is the url?

I could not try. But it works with apple with the rtsp player program

it’s not onvifer. is a program for windows “onvif device manager”.
I found several url. I took some pictures. Have you seen them?


I tried different but they do not work


The Windows software looks pretty good but Onvifer, being smartphone based, is the one to use.

ok ok

@luccio is your camera accessible via the internet i.e. have you done the port forwarding yet?

If it is send me the details via PM.

sorry but I did not succeed. I opened port 554 and 5000 tcp but I can not exit by inserting both the public ip and the no ip