Cannot set min or max values on Slider Control (iPhone)

My Setup:

  1. Running latest Blynk Phone apps.(iPhone/Android), local server-0.29.7-java8.jar, lib=0.5.0
  2. Per documentation, Four widget properties are supported - color, label, min, max for all widgets.
  3. Did not see any other logged bugs for this on iPhone
  4. Both phones are logged into same account when trying this feature (NON-SHARED). Note: makes no difference if using only one phone.
  5. continuous in loop()


  1. Cannot set min or max values on Slider Control (seen when sliding control from min to max) using iPhone Blynk app. Note: this part does work on Android.
  2. After running the code below with android, the max value (above slider) does not change until slider is moved once. This appears to be a bug with android…

Code used to set values:

    Blynk.setProperty(V1, "min", 2); 
    Blynk.setProperty(V1, "max", 5);
    Blynk.setProperty(V1, "color", "#ED9D00");
    Blynk.setProperty(V1, "label", "Slide to Select Message");

To reproduce:

  1. setup a simple project using a slider control on any “virtual channel”
  2. set initial limits for min/max (in GUI)
  3. run iphone and android from account & project (easy to observe)
  4. run setProperty code above for changing min/max
  5. observe:
    a) actual max limit value on slider (above slider itself), both phones
    b) move slider and repeat step a

Other Observations:

  1. The label and color properties can be set using iPhone & Android apps.
  2. After setting min/max with android then taking it out of RUN mode, the min/max field get updated on OUTPUT setup screen (correct). The iPhone always shows OLD min/max values (issue). This presents a problem because switching from run to develop and back to run puts old iphone values back into slider limits.

@Eugene Has this been fixed in next iOS release?

Let me clarify some moments:

I’m right to assume, that the value of your slider is larger than 5 before the call to is set its max to 5 via the command from the hardware? As value on the top right corner (in the horizontal slider, on just on top - in the vertical one) - is not it’s max, it is just current slider’s value.

Sorry about the confusion…I usually type up my posts in my editor then paste them into the web page. Somehow my ? at the end of that sentence got dropped.

As for the “current” value prior to the min/max change, I thought it might get forced into the new limit range (either min or max). I can make an argument for doing so and not (leaving as is). The way you have it now is “best” but one needs to be careful that the current value does not break ones code.

The iPhone issues are what drove my original post. There are issues with the min/max property setting.


The “current” value for a STEP H widget acts differently when changing the “max” property. After changing the max setting for it, the “current” value changes to the “min” value. Not sure why these widgets are handled differently but thought you should know…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes. Thanks for the report.

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Thanks so much for your efforts making Blynk the Best…:+1: