New Android Release 2.22.0

What’s new:

  • New widgets: Styled Button, Text Input, Numeric Input, Segmented Control
  • Super Chart updates: forced auto scroll improvements
  • Device Tiles template page: fixed pin name show in widgets, fixed decimals formatting in tiles


Already on Play Store? It still shows 2.21 for me…

Usually it takes from an hour to several hours to be available to update

@mugur already available.

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Thank you! Got it.

Dear Blynk Team,
this is a major upgrade so CONGRATULATION!
I already enjoy Numeric Input although I can not set Title from hardware…!

Well done!

What do you mean?

having everything updated, I have Numeric Input at V2 so given:
Blynk.setProperty(V2, "label", "Cooking Time in Seconds");
the title does not setted.
Is that clear or you need better description?

Set property is an advanced feature used by just a few users. This is why it’s not a priority and will be added sometimes only.

I understand but I use them a lot!


I also use set label from hardware…

I totally hear you, and as I said it will be implemented one day.

Blynk Server is an Open-Source product. You can fork and make adjustments in case you really need certain features. Particularly this feature can be copy/pasted based on properties for other widgets.

@Pavel this is app issue, not server.

Loving the new input buttons. So many new options

Hitting return on the Text Input widget sends the output fine (HINT needs param.asStr() ) but it doesn’t clear the widget… thus requiring lots of backspacing.

It also doesn’t appear to send an end of line or carriage return, thus unable to use code logic or as proper serial output as it just keeps adding on where it left off.

Also unsure how Numerical Input is much better than a Step Widget? Short of a bigger number display.

A small (1/4 - 1/3 size of desktop?) 10+ key numeric keypad would be more appropriate.

lots of good stuff there guys. Good to get text and numeric input at last… @Gunner you might have missed this but you can enter numbers from the keyboard as well as use the incrementor. So I find it better than the Step Widget.

But is it intended to have decimals. I seem to be able only to enter integers. The graphic suggests decimals ? 3.14 at top of the screen shot

btw the fix to visual display of the pin on the widget in the tile ui works fine. Thanks for the fix.

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Decimals could be entered only when the virtual pin is selected

It’s editable from the keyboard - just touch the number text.

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