Text Input - how to clear and make HINT re-appear


I have a simple problem. How do you clear the text in a Text Input widget such that the HINT text re-appears.
I tried writing a “” but that does nothing e.g. Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "");
I tried putting in a space i.e " " e,g,. Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, " "); but the HINT does not re-appear as their is a space int he INPUT.

Anyone know any tricks - nothing I can see in the docs ?

See here… aside from @Dmitriy “no” no further info :stuck_out_tongue:

And I have tried to use a hard-coded backspace, but nothing seemed to work.

However you can code in your own HINT

thanks Gunner - did search around and saw your post re: proposed workaround
hardcoding an own HINT is not as elegant.

Hopefully the Blynk team with add a new setPropery which clears an input and in the case of the text input automatically re-displays the HINT :wink:

There is elegant but non-functional or there is working :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree!! Probably needs to be added it into the roadmap… not sure if boring old posted suggestions are taken seriously anymore.

would have thought something as simple as this could be done by the Blynk team during a morning coffee break - seems pretty simple but then again I would assume they have a list of 100’s of other simple things on the to do backlog :wink:

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I don’t know… I think @Pavel runs a tight ship… no time for coffee breaks, that is delivered by direct intravenous :smile:

This is a completely different widget

Think about 3 UI elements:

  1. Regular text input. Text “stays”
  2. Something similar to a text message UI component. User presses “send” and text goes away.
  3. Form: a set of input fields. Fields are cleared when user presses “submit” button.

The widget that we added is 1.

  1. Etch-a-sketch that is bolted to the table. “Can’t shake to erase” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hi pavel

from a customer experience perspective i’ve found that a user can get quite confused with the text widget.
i.e. you need to press enter for it to register and fire off a BLYNK_WRITE() which makes sense. However I am not able to clear the field so that the HINT re-appears. Therefore when the user comes back they see the same text populated but they don’t know (or is not very obvious) they need to select it and press enter for it to be processed.

Hope I’m making sense in terms of what I’m trying to convey. I’m thinking if there was a way for pragmatically being able to clear the text field such that the HINT re-appeared would be great.

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I understand what you are describing, thanks for sharing it. But as I stated above, Text Input widget serves a different purpose and works as expected.

To cover your use-case, a different widget is needed and we don’t have it now. Please create a request on our shared roadmap board.

Cant even imagine such an obscure purpose.

Or… just maybe add in a toggle to allow (normal) clearing of the input field while sending the text to the device upon pressing enter. Why need yet another widget, requiring voting, pleading and whatnot. Even with my modified coding, i simply never use that current widget because of its strange crippling “Intended feature”

It is like having one button widget that you can only press ON…

  1. A text that is being played on an LED matrix
  2. A way to rename some widget (in a commercial app)
  3. Any “settings” related use-case.

This widget is used by hundreds of thousands of users who find it solving their needs perfectly.

Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you. We noted your feedback.

Once we get enough requests (or negative feedback) to add/change smth, it will get on the roadmap immediately.

Outside of possible commercial specific use, I highly doubt that such a crippling feature is needed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: A normally operating text input widget would do all of those things as well… as evidenced in any text input based control I have ever used.

“Took to long to backspace to your next move… you were eaten by a grue.”

But this is a first… so I will take it :rofl:

My 10+ years of design experience show that personal assumptions is your wildest enemy when working on UX :wink:

I think this topic is closed for now. Feature requests should go here: https://portal.productboard.com/blynk/tabs/2-all-your-ideas

Otherwise, all the feedback is scattered around everywhere and can’t be analyzed and quantified.