New Android Release 2.21.0

What’s new:

  • Super Chart: high-resolution periods, different scale options for streams, possibility to use one scale for all streams, UI improvements, and fixes
  • Device Tiles: new Level template, decimals selection for Default template, fixes
  • Terminal: fixed compatibility with Device Selector and Device Tiles
  • App Preview improvements and fixes

Additional details on Super Chart updates:

  • high-resolution periods (used before 2.20.3) could be selected now
  • streams support different scale options
  • all AUTO scale streams could look like in the old History Graph widget, if you enable ‘force auto-scale’ option in Super Chart settings

Not sure I understand this, or if it is even related… but the chart keeps switching back to AUTO Y-Axis, regardless if I have the OVERRIDE AUTO-SCALING ON or OFF.

@Gunner latest server?

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Ha… you really need to have some form of announcement about that here in the forums… I thought I was updated… well, as of yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Opps nope… I guess I had misread a digit :blush:… was only at 0.36.1. All is working as designed now :smiley:

Yes, please put some form of announcement here in relation to its necessity with App updates (for us memory challenged types :stuck_out_tongue: ). I do NOT use Github notifications as it just floods my email.

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Well, this is actually is not that simple :slight_smile:. So for now I think we will leave it as it is. Hopefully we will not change existing widgets so often anymore.

What?.. adding in the reminder “For Local Server users, this requires version 0.36.3+” is difficult?? :stuck_out_tongue: I know I often forget about my server version… out of sight, out of mind… but I always read the announcements.

Ah., you are about the announcement, this is easy, yeah :slight_smile:.


@Dmitriy Device tiles main screen is not holding the format #.#

Which template is this? Default or Level? Also is it possible that it has value equal to 4.0? 4.0 would be shown as 4

@BlynkAndroidDev Default template, I can’t remember what was the behavior before, but I’m pretty sure that using /pin.#/ returns 4.0 (as in Gauge widget).

Also {DEVICE_NAME} not working yet.

What is {DEVICE_NAME} ?

Next release will contain a fix to this issue

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So it is about the notification widget? Which server are you using: blynk or local? @Dmitriy could you advice here?

Yes, Notification Widget with Blynk Cloud

Works for me… make sure you have all the current updates (App, Library & don’t forget Local Server like I did earlier today :blush: … although this placeholder was added back in 0.36.0).

  if (param.asInt()) {
  Blynk.notify("Hey, Blynkers! My {DEVICE_NAME} can push now!");

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For some reason I’m using Blynk.notify(String("{MY_DEVICE} - Control Probe disconnected or faulty!")); Probably Ctrl+C Ctrl+V problem… Probably converting everything to String and that’s why is not working, but I can’t test it now as I’m doing a long run test.

Hey @Gunner do you know if it would work on email Widget, like" - {MY_DEVICE} ALARM", "Control Probe disconnected or faulty!"); ?

blynk email

I tested and apparently not… nor will it work in a display widget (as can BLYNK_INFO_DEVICE)

I guess it is only for push notifications as listed here…

- Added {DEVICE_NAME} placeholder for push notifications;



it should be


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