iOS 2.26.0 BETA available

The 2.26.0 (2) build is now available for beta testers in TestFlight. To join Blynk iOS beta testing open the link:

This update finally brings new Tabs widget on iOS:

  • New look, following material design
  • Tabs are always placed on the top (above all widgets)
  • Ability to fine-tune colors in Tabs settings
  • Reorder/delete tabs in Tabs settings
  • Support up to 10 tabs

Existing Tabs widget:

  • If placed on the first raw - automatically converted to a new one
  • If placed elsewhere - stays like it was. You may manually move it to the top (first row) to convert to a new one.

Also, added support of url/urls setProperty commands by Image Gallery widget.


Yay! Just tried it and love the extra tabs, and once added via the beta version they work well in the regular release version.

One very minor thing I did spot was that when you’ve added the 10th tab the “+ Add Tab” button isn’t greyed-out.

Thanks for the new build.



Thanks @Eugene!

Thanks! I think that there is a problem with terminal, suddenly after the update to the newest beta terminal is getting cleared after app restart…
This happens only in the newest beta, all my other devices(iOS and android) that have the Blynk app from the AppStore doesn’t have that problem.
Also I downloaded the AppStore version Blynk(in the device the terminal is getting cleared) and it worked without getting cleared… Possible bug?
Also am I the only one that liked the previous version of tabs more? :sweat:
Anyway, thanks!!

Thanks for this :grin: but… can you please add haptic feedback to the buttons? Pretty please :nerd_face:

Dear Blynk developers,
I cant believe there is again a new version of Blynk for IOS without the eventor !

When will you add the eventor to the IOS version ?

This is a far more useful feature than any of the cosmetic changes you are making.

Best Wishes

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You should add your vote for that feature here:

Personally, as an iOS user, I’ve never come across a situation where i’d Have used Eventor if it was available. I see it as a “Mickey Mouse” feature like Bluetooth and BLE. I’d much rather see other features that would help make Blynk more effective as an IoT app, such as the ability to programmatically enable/disable widgets and increased granularity of the design grid to allow for cleaner layouts in the app.


I Pete,

I have developed many apps on Android, using eventor, and find it very useful for simplifying the development, limiting the hardware programming to the minimum.
I need to access these apps both from Android and IOS.
It is quite unconceivable that a feature has been available for years on Android, and is not yet available on IOS.

I see 2.26.0 (7) is out today, is just says ‘bug fixes’.

Any info on the changelog? I always like to read them before updating :smile:

This is one of the things that has been fixed:


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Pete am I doing something stupid here I have just upgraded to ios version 2.26.0(9) and I cant add more than 4 tabs ???



Hi Kev, the tabs have to be at the top of the screen for them to be the new style that allows more than 4 tabs.
I’m guessing that yours aren’t at the top?


ah!!! DOH!!! so can I drag the original to the top of the screen then ?

Yes, provided you make enough space at the top of each tab to drag the tab bar into.


think i am being stupid made space at the top of the screen, clicking and dragging my 4 tab bar to the top but it wont got there???

Every tabbed screen has to have enough room for the tab bar to fit at the top. Cycle through the tabs and make sure there’s nothing at the top of the screen.


yeah I had sussed it. A little odd it has to be at the top to work!!!

Apparently the Android ones have always been at the top - maybe it’s an OS restriction, and this is about unifying the two systems.
I prefer the bottom, as it means I can do it without overexcited going my thumb, but I do like the extra tabs.


agree pete

PS the wemos issue seems to be related to signal strength i am only getting -84db so I have ordered a wemos mini d1 pro that has an external wifi aerial to boost signal - lets see how that goes!

I do prefer bottom tabs myself, moreover that’s what Apple’s HIG tell us to do.
But we are working on the major update of the whole Blynk platform. Among other things, our apps will have new shell design with a tab bar at the bottom. To prevent it from conflicting with a project’s one - we made this restriction.
Stay tuned :wink:

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