Do any of the bluetooth board integrations work?

I’ve tried to connect multiple bluetooth boards (bluefruit m0, adafruit feather 32u, esp32) and none of them connect to the blynk app on my iphone. I use the code generated on the blynk website with the authcode i’m given on the app. Has anyone gotten bluetooth to work? Also would like to get it working with the webhook gadget.

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Can you provide app’s and Blynk library’ version?

I have the most recent version of both

Please specify the versions. @Eugene please check this issue

How do I find the versions??

For the App, press the upper left icon (used to change to another project), press the [i] icon in the upper right, read the version.

For the Library… it should be the one you last installed. But you can also use the command…

Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, BLYNK_VERSION);

For Local Server it is the same thing, you should know what you installed. But you can use this command in the CLI for that…

 ps -aux | grep java

The App is version 2.25.0 (3)
idk what a local server has to do with this though I literally just installed the blynk library like the instructions on the website said

If you haven’t installed it, then nothing :slight_smile: but since those are the three main parts of Blynk, I included it for version acquisition… just in case someone else actually read these posts.

Is that iOS or Android?

If Android, try loading in the Beta version 2.27.3 (as of this post) Scroll down in the phone’s Blynk page in Play Store App, as I believe it has some BT/BLE “fixes”

Looks like the latest iOS version from the app store.
There is also an iOS beta version called 2.26.0 (2)


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