Email not working right worked ok for the last 2+ years what has changed!

I have bin running my project for about 2+ years now with out a problem.
My apps on my ios updated.
I stopped getting emails. Everything other that email is working great. I checked my email address I was sending to and change it in the project didn’t fix problem. Put the serial data debugger on shows I am sending. I don’t send more that 1 email a minute.

When I when into the app to the mail icon is see my email address that is my account email address. All the emails are going to that address but that’s not the address programed this has bin working for the last 2 years OK don’t know what has changed!

Sample of my code"", Low temp", “Low temp”);

In the Mail Icon I have set to All email is going to this email address. It didn’t work like that before.

Don’t know whats going on.
Any help would be great



Welcome to the world of constant change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And don’t forget to use the search function of this forum.

Remove your address from the widget as it is now set to become the overriding one used.

This is in reference to the Local Server, but I suspect the Cloud Server is the same.


Thanks. I did that but every time I go back into the Widget and reopen it the email address keeps coming back not staying blank. What am I doing wrong?

Try removing the widget all together then re-adding it.

So this is what I found if you delete it it works. But if you go back in it auto refills the the email address with your account email address and if you close it will not work. You then have to go back in and delete and then it will start working again.
I think it should be if you delete it it should be deleted.

Your thoughts on it ?


AFAIK that should never happen, unless you have some code that pushes the address to that widget… which I have no idea if that is even possible.

BTW, it is always best to make sure ALL aspects of Blynk are kept updated together… App, Library (including reflashing) and Local Server (if used ), else all sorts of strangeness can occur.

I use the Blynk to monitor the cabin. I have built in some tests to see if things are working with blynk or not and this is a thing I noticed.Was not working. Love Blynk. I only work on it like once over two mouths hard to keep up with things.

Do you know any other way to send emails on a different platforms ?


@pavel This seems to be a rather serious regression. Are there plans to fix this?

Once an app is made, tested and deployed it is not unreasonable to expect it to continue working, and the owner should not be expected to keep reading the forum to ensure things continue working, especially with critical work flow items such as notifications - which are typically used to alert someone of a serious situation. i.e. it is far from cosmetic!

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Blynk is a prototyping platform which is under constant development. We do our best, but still can’t guarantee backward compatibility as it involves a lot of resources which we simply don’t have.

Commercial applications are protected with frozen code and dedicated server. We also provide tech support for updates.

As it’s said in our Terms Of Service, critical applications should not be running on Blynk, and even if someone does, we can’t guarantee that it would always work the same.

So far Blynk is ultra reliable platform with 99.99% uptime and lighting fast fixes for critical issues, but please make sure you use it with all the stated limitations.

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As long as you have everything locked down (not updating one part of Blynk but not all others) then once functional, it should stay functional.

@DaleSchultz This aspect of Blynk is the development stage, so prone to many changes over time. I am sure the production/commercial aspect will be long term stable as needed. EDIT - I see Pavel already answered :slight_smile:

Not personally… but I am sure you can Google for various methods.

As far as your current Blynk setup. This sounds similar to a few other widgets (Timer and Timer Input) not quite getting their user setting changes recognised by the server.

Since everything is stored on the server and not your phone, you can also try removing the email widget, then removing the App, then reinstalling the App, but this time use the latest Beta App, followed by the email widget.

Hi @Pavel, I was not challenging it at a legal level at all, I am fully aware of the nature of Blynk, but what I was trying to find out is if there is a plan to fix this problem. It keeps getting reported by different people and closed off with the comment that people need to keep reading the forum.

I would presume that those on the more commercial side would also like to not have this issue. Not asking for a schedule, or guarantees at all, just if there is a plan to eventually fix this or does the development team think this is how they want it to work going forward?

Looks like it is Android app’s issue that clearing email is not working - we will fix it in the app


Could be an mms issue with MTS I had a similar issue with my barn controller.

Fellow Manitoban :call_me_hand:

What about this OP? He is using iOS

Its quite possible that there is a same issue on ios app.

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That’s the first thing I thought it was a MTS/ Bell problem with the take over of MTS. But that was a easy test to see if that was the problem.
In Wpg.