Hi everyone
I am using esp8266 module and arduino with blynk i want to cotrol led i watched many tut and i search hard for 3 days but i can not do it
Is there are some kindness to tell me all steps to arrive it please if want to help me treat me as a beginner

@sskaa This is your 7th “help me” topic, but you haven’t shown any real inclination towards learning from the suggestions and advice already given in each one.

If you want to learn to program, I suggest you start looking on Google for those types of classes.

This forum is NOT a code factory, and while many of us will and do assist, above and beyond the scope of this forum… the people receiving said help have shown that they are also trying and learning on their own.

Please cease from creating any further topics or you risk being banned!

Pick ONE of your past topics (I will close the remaining ones), answer any questions asked and show your work… Only then may you receive additional assistance, not from begging.

Thank you.