Servo and temp

Hello everybody,I am beginner in programming
I have arduino ,temperature sensor servo motor and ESP module 8266
I want to control the servo with angle +90 and -90
And also I want to read the temp using blynk
Please help me writing a code

Welcome to Blynk,

Aside from the Blynk Developers, who are busy developing, :wink: we are all fellow Blynk users who are volunteering our time here, so we generally will not write your code for you.

But as you start learning and need clarification on various Blynk commands or some suggestions with your own programmed sketch, then we will help as best able.

Start with the basics and load in some examples from the Sketch Builder (Link is in the upper right of this page), and read through the Documentation (Link is also in the upper right of this page).

Happy Blynking!

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Which temp sensor are you using? Does it have anything to do with the operation of the servo, or are they independent of each other in the same project?

As Gunner said, there is plenty of example Blynk code to begin from. If you have no coding skills at all, you WILL need to go through some basic tutorials to get somewhat used to the language of code. Iā€™m a noob too, and we noobs do need to put forth our best effort so others that freely help can better assist.