Temperature control " air condition "

Hello, I want to control temperature by using ir remode control I have a problem when I want to press two keys as when I want to select 21 or 12 or 45 an so on
How could I do it please help me and make a code

We do quite a lot of work with infrared control of air con via the internet but we have never needed to press 2 buttons at the same time. What make and model do you have and we will see if we can help?

Thank you for apply
Send me code of ir remodel control kit or

Send me a code of any model you had

How about you give us more information instead of just randomly asking for “stuff”. That would make life a lot better for all of us.


I have ir receiver and ir remodel I want to choose numbers like this 12 , 13 , 68, and so on
And I want to show it at LCD

Is it clear?

NO :wink:

How about supplying the make and model of AC & IR controllers (particularly the chipset they might use), plus show us any code that you have already written, etc.

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@sskaa as the other Blynkers have pointed out we can’t help without additional information.

We don’t know what hardware you are using (ESP, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, other etc).

And as you probably know the infrared signal is different for each make of air con unit.
As we are based in Cyprus we have a database of the signals required for a selection of air con models and we have access to more but if we don’t know what you have we couldn’t offer you any code.

Also many users just hook up a single infrared LED and this provides a range of just 1 meter if you are lucky. We use special infrared circuits that will cover 10m and beyond.

It means we can place one circuit in a room and it will control the air con, TV and music player etc.

@sskaa, you should re-consider what are you looking for and where…

this forum is not about “making code” on request by members. it is much more about information sharing and learning from each other.

if the only thing you want is to find someone to “make” code for you, better employ a dedicated programmer and he will do this for you. (anyway, what are you asking here it is impossible to do even for a paid person, with the information and details you gave. and even if someone would do it for you, you would learn NOTHING from that.)