Servo , dc motor speed

I want to control 5 servo motor with angle +90 and -90
Also I want to control a speed of dc motor
I am using arduino with ESP 8266 and blynk
Please I need a code

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Have you already written some Arduino code to control those five servos and adjust the speed of that DC motor?

What are you using for a motor controller?

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I am using arduino but I had not started programming

Please help me

You need a motor driver. You cannot directly control a motor from th arduino. It will fry your board.

I know that, and what about the servos?

Well, honestly, you need to start looking at some basics over on the Arduino site as well as online teaching sites (Google “learning to program Arduino”). Once you know how to control servos on the Arduino, then you can look at adding Blynk as a graphical control and monitoring option.

I also recommend a good motor controller (simple Google “Arduino” and “Motor Controller”) as you cannot control DC motors directly via Arduinos or ESPs