Edgent indicators are messing up my IOs

I recently got the edgent library working on my esp32 (for OTA purposes).
My app worked perfectly with BlynkSimpleEsp32.h, but now I am seeing some problems on some of the GPIOs. After a closer look at the Setting.h and indicator.h files, I think the reason is that some of the IOs (like GPIO4) are being used for indicator LEDs by the edgent library.

Is there an easy way to disable this capability and get my GPIOs back, without needing too much surgery in the code?

Not really an easy way to disable it, but are you really so short of GPIOs on your ESP32 that you can’t change the Settings.h to work with available GPIOs?

If all you want is Blynk.Air OTA capability then you should read this topic:


Thank you Pete!
Yes, I can’t really sacrifice any GPIOs , may be one at most.
Another thing that I am using edgent for is WiFi provisioning. Is there a workaround for that too without edgent?

No, as you’ve already read from my Edgent troubleshooting guide, the LED and switch are needed for proper use of of provisioning.

Maybe you should look at some sort of multiplexer hardware…