Device Tiles Widget / Terminal Action Type

I’d like to request a Device Tiles Widget Action Type in the form of a Terminal Widget with no Input Line,

Tap opens template page
Can be a display only

Here’s an example of the Device Tiles Widget with the Terminal Action Type,

I will submit a corresponding Blynk Roadmap Idea and ask that it be linked to this Community Topic.


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Thank you for your ideas! They all make sense. However, the only way to put them onto roadmap is by breaking them down into separate features, posting them to Productboard, and geting a sufficient amount of votes.

Hi Pavel,

If the Community doesn’t express interest in an “Ideas / Widgets Ideas” Topic, they’re not going to vote for an equivalent Blynk Roadmap Feature. As I explained in my Multi-Line Value Display / Labeled Value Widgets Topic, I haven’t had much luck with the Blynk Roadmap. At least this way, the Community has a chance to see my ideas.

It would be nice if the Blynk Roadmap had an “Unvetted / Pending” category and a “Rejected” category. Every idea submitted to the Roadmap would first be categorized as Unvetted / Pending. Once an idea was vetted by the staff, it would move to an appropriate category (e.g., “Widgets Ideas and Improvements”, “UI Improvements”, “Cloud” or “Others”) or “Rejected”. At least this way a Community Member who takes the time to submit an idea knows it was at least considered. And the broader Community has visibility into the idea, even if it was rejected. I’m just uncomfortable with the practice of submitting a thoughtful idea and never having it see the light of day because the staff didn’t agree with it.

I’ll stick with “Ideas / Widgets Ideas” Topics for now. If the Blynk Roadmap logistics improve, I’d be more than happy to itemize my ideas and submit them via the Roadmap.


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Dear @Pavel the roadmap system is lacking functionality. You can’t see in one candidate what the others has written, you can’t see yours to name a few… Try to improve it please. Thanks


So well said that I will NOT remove this topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hah… JK, All I do is pass on the “use roadmap” message anyhow, as ideas can and do get lost in the shuffle here. But also lots more room to express, detail and get feedback with the ideas… so a mixed bag.

@Pavel Probably too late in the game, but a more forum like extension of sharing and feedback might be an “idea” for the roadmap? Yes, moderating to keep it on track is an issue and all, but there is a fine line between corporate ideas and customer desires and the sharing of such.

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We are using a service called Productboard which we have no control of. We can pass ideas to their roadmap. It’s a product planning software that helps us prioritize the features and for now it’s pretty convenient.

@wickedbeernut you can create any topics, but if a feature doesn’t go to roadmap, it will be forgotten. All submitted ideas are reviewed bi-weekly and published. Because:

  1. You would be surprised to see what people post there. From what we already have to help requests. Moderation is very required.
  2. Productboard works this way. It’s a product management tool first, idea collector second (very helpful btw). We can’t add features there.
  3. We won’t be able to keep track of all the ideas on the forum. We did that before and it didn’t work

@Gunner We can ask people to add link to discussion and we will put this link to the body of the feature description

Here’s an example of the Device Tiles Widget with the following feature enhancements,

Device Tiles Widget / Terminal Action Type
Text Formatting Tags

@Gunner said, “I don’t really like Tiles …”

How do you advocate monitoring and controlling 100 like devices? The Device Selector Widget?

I see the Device Tiles Widget as the crown jewel of the Blynk app. Without the Device Tiles Widget (and to a lesser extent the Device Selector Widget), I don’t see Blynk as a viable IoT solution. It’s an outstanding dashboard for a single device (or a handful of bridged devices). However, it’s not clear how you’d manage hundreds of devices without these widgets.

As critical as it is to a Blynk IoT solution, the Device Tiles Widget is a major oversimplification. It’s only capable of displaying a single numeric value. Let’s take the most basic example … 100 devices capable of monitoring temperature and humidity. You need to click on 100 device tiles in order to view the temperature and humidity for all of the devices. This doesn’t make sense. The Device Tiles Widget should be able to convey all of the key attributes for all of the devices without having to click on a Device Tile. If you need to drill down into more detail for a particular device (such as a histogram of the temperature and humidity), you can click on a Device Tile to view the device dashboard.

You have a much better grasp on Blynk than I do. Please educate me in terms of how you’d manage hundreds of like devices, each with many key properties.


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I don’t advocate any such thing, I am just a simple Blynk user, less than 10 devices, volunteer moderator and non-Tile user :smiley:

But since you asked… IF I were to have need to manage so many devices… I simply wouldn’t :wink: As in a little thing called automation.

I would layout the needed devices along with their sensors, etc, all probably independently programmed so as to keep a compartmentalised structure. Then have them feed relevant processed info and/or programed action feedback to a centralised “master” device as needed (via Bridge or API?? ?), of which is running my complex but extremely competently programed :stuck_out_tongue: master control functions and feeding me, the otherwise uninterested-in-poking-at-my-phone-all day-micromanaging-things user, only the relevant info as either requested or pushed via notifications… should something exceed programed parameters.

Thus control and needed visuals could probably be done on a couple of tabs at most… it doesn’t always need to look like a Space shuttle control panel… as cool as that can be :slight_smile:

And to clarify… while this could be done with non-Blynk programming and sending out the aforementioned API or MQTT info, this is Blynk, so let’s go with actual Blynk sketches & small groups of locationaly relevant devices all running on seperate projects per group, primarily so they could be referenced only as needed with diagnostic display/controls that would otherwise rarely be accessed.

However, no one has asked me to do such, and my motorhome is just not that big (or my budget) so this is all hypothetical conjecture. But it was a fun thought project while it lasted :smiley:

Hi @Pavel,

Per your request, I submitted ideas to the Blynk Roadmap corresponding to,

Device Tiles Widget / Terminal Action Type
Text Formatting Tags

You mentioned that you review and publish all submitted ideas bi-weekly. However, I don’t see my ideas on the Blynk Roadmap.