Text Formatting Tags

I’d like to request support for Text Formatting Tags,

High Priority:
   [SIZE="5"]font size[/SIZE]
Medium Priority:
Low Priority:

in conjunction with,

Terminal Widget (Priority)
Value Display
Labeled Value

Obviously, the specific tag format isn’t important.

I will submit a corresponding Blynk Roadmap Idea and ask that it be linked to this Community Topic.


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I know the developers can do some clever stuff, but adding-in the ability to specify which named font should be used adds another level of complexity altogether.
Getting these fonts to display consistently, across the various makes/models and operating systems, would no doubt be a bit of a nightmare.


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Agreed. I’ll take whatever I can get. With most text widgets, you can already specify font size, color and alignment (left / center / right) on the app side (albeit to an extent with a limited selection of sizes and colors). Let’s start with equivalent functionality on the hardware side, only on a per-character / per-line basis. I think bold would be reasonable.

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Hey, one of my ideas made it to the Blynk Roadmap,

and the Roadmap Idea is linked to this topic. Pretty neat!

Now I’m curious … how much overlap is there between my idea and this Roadmap idea that is currently “Planned”,

To what extent will this new Text Widget allow you to “work text”? Will the new Text Widget have multi-line support? That’s my other idea I’m still hoping will find its way to the Blynk Roadmap,

First, I’m looking for a multi-line Text widget (similar to the Terminal widget). I’m looking for the multi-line Text widget to support this idea (Text Formatting Tags). Then, I’d like to be able to leverage the formatted, multi-line Text widget in the form of a Device Tiles Action Type.

I’ll keep dreamin’.