Multi-Line Value Display / Labeled Value Widgets

It sounds as if the Value Display and Labeled Value widgets supported multiple lines at one point. Can someone help me understand why multi-line support was removed? Are there plans to reintroduce multi-line support?


Ahh the good old days when stuff we wished to display actually displayed in full…

However, this multi-line reference was not the actual display text, rather about a “bug” that sometimes allowed the LABEL to word wrap around on some devices that otherwise couldn’t fit the text in the width of the widget.

Before and after…

image image

Just as the auto font scaling was a “bug” that allowed Blynk to automatically look good on any display. RIP Auto Scaled Fonts

Before and after…

Both had been removed due to something called UX… but without the U being consulted. Or some such gobbledygook :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow… Add your vote for the return of such features here…


As always, thank you Gunner for the invaluable information.

I’m not interested in a multi-line title. I’m looking for a multi-line value. I’ll make do with the Terminal widget. It’s unfortunate you can’t control (setProperty) the Terminal “Screen” Color from the hardware. The Terminal Screen Color doesn’t match the Value Display / Labeled Value Widget value field background color. Otherwise, it would be the multi-line Value Display / Labeled Value Widget I’m looking for. I do like the fact the Terminal Widget small font is actually small compared to most of the other widgets.

I’m not a big fan of the Blynk Roadmap. I’ve taken the time to submit thoughtful feature requests in the past and they just disappeared into the bit bucket. Apparently, if the moderators don’t agree with a feature request, it never sees the light of day. I rather just post new feature requests here. At least this way, the broader community has visibility into them.

I’ll drop “Text Formatting Tags” from the title of this Topic and create a separate Topic for that.


It is the wishes of the Developers, not us mere mortals :wink: But yes, it seems some ideas just never hit the light there. And if autoscaling is any indication, neither does community opinion count as much as some would like, so I keep my sniveling to a minimum :innocent:

But please keep the ideas over there, as they request, as that is where it will get noticed and quantified, even if it gets hidden in a edited group idea.

And “Blynk 2.0” is reportedly on it’s way… It will be interesting to see what ideas and suggestions made it into that. I think that is where all the Developer focus is going, and that sorta makes sense I guess.