Blynk Roadmap


From @Pavel

We are using a service called Productboard which we have no control of. We can pass ideas to their roadmap. It’s a product planning software that helps us prioritize the features and for now it’s pretty convenient.

@wickedbeernut you can create any topics, but if a feature doesn’t go to roadmap, it will be forgotten. All submitted ideas are reviewed bi-weekly and published. Because:

1. You would be surprised to see what people post there. From what we already have to help requests. Moderation is very required.
2. Productboard works this way. It’s a product management tool first, idea collector second (very helpful btw). We can’t add features there.
3. We won’t be able to keep track of all the ideas on the forum. We did that before and it didn’t work

@Gunner We can ask people to add link to discussion and we will put this link to the body of the feature description

OK. I’m skeptical, but let’s give it a shot. Let’s start by linking the Web Dashboard Blynk Roadmap Idea to the Blynk Web Dashboard Topic.


OK. Per @Pavel 's request, I’ve submitted two ideas via the Blynk Roadmap and have requested they be linked to the following Community Topics,

Device Tiles Widget / Terminal Action Type
Text Formatting Tags