Where can I download the latest version of blynk and use it commercially

I need to download the latest version of blynk to register and use it commercially.


I downloaded blynk version 1.1.3(33). Is this the version you referred me to?

I guess you’re talking about the Android of iOS app version?



So that’s the correct app for Blynk 2.0, but it isn’t the place to start.
Go the link I provided and click the “Start Free” button.


Should I click the link you added with the laptop or cell phone?

It doesn’t really matter, but I guess that the laptop would be slightly more convenient.


I received a new token for this version of Blynk. But I want to solve the wifimanager issue first. Can you help me?

An error is occurring in this …

 //set custom ip for portal
  wifiManager.setAPConfig(IPAddress(10,1,1,1), IPAddress(10,1,1,1), IPAddress(255,255,255,0));

exit status 1
‘class WiFiManager’ has no member named ‘setAPConfig’

I don’t understand why you’re using WiFi Manager with Blynk 2.0


Does Blynk 2.0 already have the capability to connect to a new network without the need to recompile?

Have you tried reading the documentation?


Please provide the documentation link for me to read.

Launch the web portal, log in and click the documentation and link on the lady hand side.


I’m following the recommendations to activate my card with blynk 2.0, but when I find the wifi network nothing happens. Is it because I have blynk’s old library?

I tried to update the library, but I got information that there was already a library installed.

What library version do you have installed?

What hardware are you using?
Which example sketch are yyou using?
Which board type have you chosen in the example sketch?


I am following these instructions.

The version of the library I tried to install is in the description of this video. But gave message from existing library.

Hardwate : ESP32 D1 MINI VROOM
Example sketch : Edgent_ESP32.
Board : ESP32 DEV Module

What version does the IDE report?


IDE Version 1.8.13