What is the use of blynk indication Led?

Guys how can i have the benefit of this widget? I mean for which purpose i can use this?
Thanks guys in advance👍

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Wow that was awesome but dude i didn’t get the answer for my question. I think u given it but for me can’t understand that. Tell me please in a technical way.

Ohhh… don’t ask for the technical way… I will be here forever in “Professor Mode” :stuck_out_tongue:

Basicly it is a virtual LED for your App… and can be simply used as such for indicator purposes…

I have also used them as a virtual RGB LED (as shown above and below) to show the actual colour output of a HEX code converted from the zeRGBra widget, and thus easily able to set the color of display Widgets via Blynk.setProperty(vPin, “color”, "HEXvalue")

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Hey very quick reply ah, awesome thanks for that. Hey i got it bz the picture explanation cleared out every of my mind questions :smiley:. Somone told me they will be always in professor mode but they didn’t and finally they taught me in a technical way​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::muscle: thanks prof…

Gunner how did you insert the icons in value widget?

I just use emoticons from in the phone’s KB options.