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  • RTC
    Get time, date, day of week, year from Blynk server
  • Custom Button
    Send any value (string, array, specific number)
  • Image
    Add your logo, icon, or whatever you want
  • Image Gallery
    Add a set of images and show one based on the incoming data from hardware
  • Button Image
    Add 2 images - each of them represents state)
  • Wi-Fi Detector
    Trigger pins when your smartphone connects to specific WiFi network
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS
    Trigger events when smartphone appears in the specified radius
  • Classic RGB selector
    Smaller than zeRGBa. Less cool than the animal
  • Color switch
    Choose from color presets
  • Map
    Visualise sensor on the map
  • Menu
    Select from a number of choices to trigger various functions
  • Segmented switch
  • Pie Chart
    Visualise data distribution

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suggestion: up/down buttons, like for controlling blinds or volume


Suggestion: Qr code scanning button widget, Scan and immediately send the String to board.

@andrewT I just suggested that this week! Check out my post for an ez-ish solution until there’s an actual widget :pray: :

Thanks, Didn’t noticed your original suggestion.

Instead of widget I would like you add Logic Blocks like ‘if’, ‘while’ and ‘for’ statements.‘And’, ‘or’, ‘xor’ blocks.



Clickable Value Display widget. User clicks on widget to ‘select’. Depending on logic, widget can turn into button, thumbwheel/slider, timer, etc. Would simplify and de-clutter UX and reduce number of widgets needed to do simple operations like set time, temperature, motor speed, adjust volume, select sprinkler zone, etc.

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  1. RGB LED

  2. Ability to change color of background and text of LCD widget via code. As an example; this would allow for changing background to red along with the alert message sent and back to normal when out of alert status.


new gauge widget


new button with confirmation - e.g.

  • 1 to this. It is more than essential to many cases… !

+1 This would indeed be very nice. Setpoint vs Actual widget.

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+1. Essential indeed.

Suggestion: full support for SIM800L

You can do confirmation by using State Syncing. No need for another visual clue - things get messy easily.

Also, your button looks very old. You need to update the app :wink:

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Interesting concept. We’ll think about it.

What is the use case that brought you to this idea? Just wondering.

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it is not the same
State syncing is element one way communication and takes the correct operation of the entire communication path from APP to the machinery connected to the processor
Example: The button opens the gate. With no confirmation that the gate is opened, we can only believe that it is open. Sensor open the gate confirms execution. To view the state of the sensor is needed additional indicator. My proposal is a combination of button with indicator sensor. It’s a typical loop in automation
A control and indicator should be as close as possible to each other.
This is the same in the second proposal, the new gauge.

I’ve install a new library with button feedback :slight_smile: