Upcoming Plan Updates!

Hey Blynkers,

Heads up that we will be updating our pricing plans to better serve their purpose, launching on October 16, 2023. Rest assured, the transition will be smooth, and your current projects will remain unaffected.

For all you awesome folks currently using our plans, the functionality you have today will remain untouched as long as you stick with your current plan. So no changes to your existing project setup.

However, if you decide to make any changes to your current plan—whether it’s canceling, upgrading, or downgrading—those new plans will kick in. So, if you’re loving the status quo, all you need to do is ensure there are no payment hiccups or any other issues that could lead to plan cancellation.

Starting from October 16, 2023, only the new plan versions will be available for subscription. However, our commitment to you, our existing users, is to keep your Blynk experience consistent.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a plan, this is the perfect moment to jump in and take advantage of the current offerings before the changes take effect. Lock in your preferred plan today!

We appreciate you being part of the Blynk community. Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for making Blynk awesome!

Best regards,
The Blynk Team


I currently have the plus plan and have some devices with 3 tabs. Looking at your info for the plus plan today it shows only 1 tab allowed. Is this the case?

I think you might be getting confused between device info tabs, and tabs available within the tabs widget (which is currently 20).

Also, did you understand the statement that says you will continue to have exactly the same features as you currently do, until you change your plan subscription?


I did understand that I would have the same features but as I have found in the past with the templates that doesn’t mean the same thing. I had 14 templates and they changed to 10 and I didn’t know that and removed two that were not used anymore and now I have 12. I also as a test tried to add a 4th tab widget and it wouldn’t let me so that is why I thought is is the widget tab. When I open up the widgets and go to the tab widget it says I can only add 1 widget of that type and shows “installed” next to the widget when I try to add a new one.

You can only have one tab widget on a dashboard, but that widget can have up to 20 separate tabs. You need to edit the existing tab, by selecting it, then adding additional tabs within the widget.


Thanks Pete very much for your help. That was the case of course.

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There are probably more updates coming, if so disregard this comment.

Is there anywhere where the changes/differences from old to new can be seen?
Its too bad, this is an amazing company and service but trust me, I get it… the free boat cannot last forever. I just need to migrate and learn/teach myself something new if the “free” days are coming to and end.

Thanks :+1:t3:… love the service you all provide


I think you’ve failed to understand what’s been said in this announcement. If you currently have a free plan then the features you have now will continue, provided you don’t let that plan expire.
If you were thinking about upgrading to a Plus plan then now is probably the time to do that. But, if you upgrade, then decided to go back to a free plan, you will get the new version of the free plan (whatever that will look like) not the version that you currently have.


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“(whatever that will look like)”

Ok thanks… we don’t yet know then. Ill just wait and see what happens.

This is a very funny message. It looks as if the company is trying to get as many people as possible into the old plans saying: “hurry up or you will be busted”.

It would be nice to understand up front what the new plans mean (and reading between the lines, it will be a downgrade of what we have today).

We will soon share the changes for everyone to review and make their decisions. The details will be available BEFORE the actual changes take effect, so no worries—just stay tuned.

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No tricks here. We just know how people tend react to changes, so giving a heads up with a clear message on how it will work and who won’t be affected with the change.

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Dear Mrs
I am evaluating the possibilities of a small business in the automation area, where I will produce a relay and sensor box for use in rural communities. If I choose Blynk and develop a free Blynk app, who should pay for using the app? The client or my company? What do you suggest?



If you’re using Blynk for commercial purposes then you need to have at least a PRO subscription.

It’s usually best to pass subscription costs on to the users, but how you do that is up to you, and depends on your circumstances.


I’m a happy paid user of Blynk but with all due respect. You should have posted details of the 10/16 plan changes already. A month advance notification from a business user perspective isn’t unreasonable. It’s 9/29 and we’ve got crickets in the woods - quiet with nothing to report.

I have a plan for free. What should I do if I just want to keep it?

With best regards



Thank you very much for reply.

Hey Blynkers,

Heads up! We’ve just updated our plan details on the website. The new plans roll out on October 16, 2023, so go ahead and check 'em out.

As we said before and it still stands: your current plan will stay the same until you decide to change it.

Been eyeing a plan but haven’t committed? Now’s a great time to lock in the plan before the new ones kick in.

Big thanks for being part of our community. Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming your way!
The Blynk Team

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