Locked widget

After renewing my subscription to blynk, the widgets are blocked and it asks me to become a PRO.
Can any administrator help me with my account?

Hello @neurona. Do you mean only Enhanced Gauge and Gradient Ramp widgets?

yes too map

I think I saw the problem, they have modified the widget to pro

Hello @neurona.

We investigated your case.

1. You subscribed in web console to PLUS plan annually on 16.01.2022. According to our data, your subscription renewal is 16.01.2024.

Also, according to our data, you did not cancel or change your subscription. Can you confirm this?

Сan you explain what you meant?


This related only to users wich registered and subscribed after 16.10.2023 Upcoming Plan Updates!

If you haven’t changed anything in your subscription, these widgets should still be available for you.

3. According to your screenshot, it looks like you are using iOS.

  1. What is you phone model?
  2. What OS version?
  3. What Blynk IoT app version you use?

4. Perhaps you still have a cache in the application.
Please delete Blynk app. Install last app version. Login to app, and check your devices for availability of these widgets

If reinstalling the application did not help, please send us the logs.

Path logs:
Main left menu → About → Send logs

Also write us a comment in this forum post. Did reinstalling the application help you or did you send the logs.


Hello, it doesn’t work well for me. The query was for a friend, who let his account expire and after paying again he saw the changes.

He has several projects with blynk and all of them have been modified.

@neurona What do you mean?

I checked sotocelin@gmail.com first PLUS/MAKER subscription was 14.11.2022. Probably didn’t pay on time November 15, 2023. Therefore, these widgets will not be available for this user

This was described in https://community.blynk.cc/t/upcoming-plan-updates/67639

For all you awesome folks currently using our plans, the functionality you have today will remain untouched as long as you stick with your current plan. So no changes to your existing project setup.

The payment was due to an error, there is no possibility of fixing it?

@neurona I don’t think so. Since errors related to Google Play/App Store do not apply to us.

Perhaps the logs will help us to understand what the problem is. How to send logs, I wrote above

I think I already sent the records.
But please, I have been with blynk for many years and bought a lot of energy in the old blynk, if you can see my account you will see that I have several sensors working, my intention was never to stop paying my subscription, it was a mistake on my bank’s part.
and now I have lost all the best widgets I had.
Could you give me my privileges again? Thank you

I write on behalf of my friend sotocelin@gmail.com

Dear administrator, is there no solution for my friend’s case?

I understand that you have nothing to do with the problem caused by the payment error.
But I thought you could give me a solution since my intention was never to cancel my service.
The moment I realized it I solved it.