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I would like to know if it is possible the type of font that is used in the app to be able to reproduce as faithfully as possible the image for my user manual of the device that controls.
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No, the font can’t be changed.

This topic initially included a proposal to allow font name to be specified in the proposed font tags enhancement, but the initial post has since been edited to remove this part of the proposal (probably as a result of my comment):

This has now found its way onto the roadmap to allow voting, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, even if it gets lots of votes:

Obviously you can use the image widget, that you’ve discussed previously, to display an image with text, but probably not practical for what you have in mind.


Pete, Eva is not asking to change or set the font, just to know what the font is called.

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I think it may be best to use screenshots of the actual app. That way you get the exact rendition.

Hello, please don’t forget to search this forum… generally answers are already given somewhere.

Here is more info that might help in your manual design…

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Yes, apologies - i mes-interpreted Eva’s request as wanting the app to look like an existing user manual.


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Thank you very much, the basic colors if you had found them, but not the type of font.

the lynk open a 404 error page

Many thanks for your help

But it is mentioned in both posts - PFDinDisplayPro

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si, ya la tengo
muchas gracias