Terminal widget issues

@BlynkAndroidDev @Artem_S

can you please check the behaviors below after the last app update?


On Android:

  • It looks like the data is now being stored in the terminal screen? (before we lost it if we change the screen).
  • When the hardware send a command to clear the screen terminal.clear() it works. However, if we close and open the screen, the data is back.
  • When I send a command from input line, the command does not add a new line in the screen… and the response from hardware is written in the same line (see picuture attached, where red is command to hardware and green is the response).



  • Our customers started to claim that the application we developed stopped working. Basically they get the screen receiving the texts and at the same time they are cleared automatically. At the end, they see nothing in the screen.

Can you please check from your side?

Blynk 1.13.0 (144)
Samsung S21 Android 13 UI 5.1

Blynk 3.6.0 (2)
Iphone 13 IOS 16.6

Pro Plan

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  1. Yep, we added messages history to Terminal for Plus/Pro users
  2. I will check with server team if they support clear now. If not - I suppose it will be added and work without app update
  3. For the new line - did you enable ‘attach new line’ option in the Terminal section?
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I’ve forwarded the ios issue to team.

@Hugo-BR on iOs - users need to update to the latest version so that message history will work.

On IOS, the major problem is not the history… is a very strange behavior that is clearing all received texts, automatically. I can share a video by e-mail if needed…

below is the version on IOS:


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No, this function was not enabled before. The point here is that we do not need all received lines from the hardware to have an extra line added (by enabling the function you’ve mentioned). The issue here is that, only the texts that we send using the “Input Line” from app to the hardware are not adding a new line anymore… in the picture I shared above in my first post, the response from hardware in GREEN was suppose to be in the line below…

Yep, we are not moving the user line to the new line by default now, as we had added an option to show the message’s timestamp. We will discuss possibly forcing a new line option to provide better backward compatibility.

On the clear not working after restart - server team is already working on fixing that.

I think it should be considered, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to be stepping back from our side to change the code…

Although we are not using it yet, we also tested the advanced mode… It seems that the colors are only being updated after the restart as well…

After user has sent the text:

After restart:

@BlynkAndroidDev @Artem_S

any feedback on this issue would be very appreciated, as our customers (only IOS) are completely unable to generate their reports using the terminal widget…

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We will return that new line after user input in such set up - new build will be published on next week.

On iOs issue - I’ve forwarded you comments to ios team.


Any forecast to re-establish the terminal widget functionality on IOS? Our application needs this widget to support one important hourly report that is generated by our customers, we are receiving a lot of claims!

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@Hugo-BR the iOS app update with the fix is on the way

Hello @Eugene

O just tested on IOS and it seems that terminal widget is working again. However, the app version is the same 3.6.0 (2) , was the version suppose to change to a new one?

What is the situation for the Android app?
When closing and reopening the Blynk app window, previously deleted fragments of the old terminal window re-appear in front of the correct terminal window info.

Android 10, One UI 2.0
Blynk app 1.13.1 (145)



@pierredebuysscher that’s a feature. Or you’re saying, you don’t need a history data in the terminal widget?

sorry if my description was not clear. What happens is as follows.

  • info1 is sent to the terminal widget and displayed correctly.

  • then the terminal widget is cleared from the device side. The terminal widget is now empty (as expected)

  • then new info2 is sent to the terminal widget and displayed correctly.

  • now close and re-open the blynk app. The terminal window shows fragments of info1 followed by info2 whereas only info2 is expected.

  • in case no new info2 was sent, then only some fragments of info1 are displayed when re-opening the Blynk app.

I did not expect deleted terminal info to be part of the history and certainly not after having cleared the terminal window from the HW side. If however it was the design objective to display also deleted terminal window info, then why is only a very limited amount of info displayed.

In addition, the info that is displayed at re-opening is preceded by “clrclr” which is disturbing.


Ah, I see. Yeah, it was fixed, but not yet deployed. Deploy is planned for tomorrow. So soon should be fixed.

great, thanks.


Hello @Dmitriy @BlynkAndroidDev

Any forecast when it will be deployed?