Help With Terminal.clear() not working (in iOS)

Hi all,
Suddenly the command Terminal.clear(); is not working with iOS. In the android phone works perfect.
It appear “clr” on the screeen, instead to clear the screen.

I didn´t find any topic related (apart from very old ones).

Any idea how to solve it?
Many thanks in advance

This recent post…

mentions terminal.clear()

Have you tried that command?


Originally, the usage of terminal.clear(); was ok, but now, in the Iphone app, appear “clr” in the terminal.

Please make sure you have the latest app version from App Store.

If issue persists, please send us logs from About screen from within the app.

Thanks Eugene,
The App version is 1.33 (latest one).
Here is the screenshot.

@Francisco_Vital The issue with the usage of terminal.clear() should be fixed tomorrow after server deploy.

Many Thanks Eugene!