Super chart widget, incorrect display

Local server, Raspberry , latest version
Huawey P9 lite mobile phone
Library, latest version
App, latest version
Wemos D1 , device

I have a display problem with the Super Chart widget
I have a virtual pin that becomes high every 60 seconds for 4 seconds. In the real time display everything is correct while looking at the following image at 15 minutes I have this

while with the display at 1 hour I have this

Now despite not having the low-key for hours, the 12-hour display is this

With the previous version of the Widget super chart everything worked perfectly …

Can someone help me?

Looks similar to the problem described here:


Pete, I have that kind of problem (“phantom” lines) but I did not mention them in my initial message. The main problem is what I indicated in the first message that is the most important. I have not found any solution to this problem yet.

I recommend the same option as in that post… use the Beta App and send in the log reports. Developers can not always determine the issue from screenshots. In fact it might have already been resolved in the latest beta release.

Ok, beta app … where can I find it and how do I send the logs?

For Android… I seem to recall you needed to scroll down? in the Playstore’s Blynk page to the Join beta option.

In the App, back out of a project, as if to scroll to another one, click on the [i] in the upper right corner and choose Send Logs. Reference this topic URL.

On the Playstore page there is no trace of what you say. For the log, selecting the [i] there is no trace of what you say.

Well, one does require the other (although there used to be logging options even in non beta??)

I can’t look over your shoulder. Not sure what else to say… well, except you could Google the issue :wink:

I followed your directions but I did not find a way to download the Beta version. Maybe you have to be beta testers … I do not know. I’ll wait for a new version of the non-beta app and I hope the problem will be solved as the widget is very useful.

Fom this thread:

This release is currently in open beta (and we plan to release next builds also first in beta), so to install it you need to open google play app and scroll it till the ‘become a beta tester’ section and click ‘join now’ button:


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OK thank you very much. Found ! Now I try to do as indicated.

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Yep… I couldn’t find the original topic in my quick search, but I knew it was something simple and easy to find. I guess I just assumed one would look on the phone version of Google Play.

Thanks @PeteKnight

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