Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)


We have prepared a new update with several long-awaited features like Image widget, scalable LED, optional titles for vertical widget’s and several other updates like style option in map widget, ‘test’ webhook setup option in webhook settings, scalable to lesser size joystick, and also we added a new button - WebPage Button that allows opening web pages in blynk app.
And, of course, if you are on a local server, you need the latest version.

We worked a lot on apps optimizations, so it is a little bit faster. And now we are using android app bundles, so usual app’s APK is now 20-30% lesser than before.

This release is currently in open beta (and we plan to release next builds also first in beta), so to install it you need to open google play app and scroll it till the ‘become a beta tester’ section and click ‘join now’ button:

PS While we are preparing image widget’s help - all these scale/rotation/opacity updates you can send via set property command (“scale”, “rotation”, “opacity”)


Oh, yeah baby:

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More “likes” here: :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:
Updated… Little time to test it now, but certainly will find some later…

UPDATE: Currently no support for animated GIFS??

No support, Android has no native support for gif, so app currently is not supporting them. In the future, via additional libraries, we’ll implement it probably.

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Not sure if this is the correct thread to report issues with the beta test version? Please shift if needs be.

My phone (android) widgets now have an error.

Interesting, I’ll check - tomorrow we’ll have some updates/fixes for image widget and probably a fix for this issue. It is better to move this to beta announcement thread

now I can start :stuck_out_tongue:

Nooooo. Please use images with transparency :wink:


this is a gif
and after, what can I do with ? :wink:

I’m getting ready for all the beauty coming in to Blynk apps… :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂

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Maybe we should make this widget more costly, so it falls into “precious” category. And ppl don’t want to put trash into it :joy:


Nice one guys. Probably worth the wait :slight_smile:

When will it be ready from the app store?

so good !!! :smile:



works fine on android


any documents fot Image ID ? how to set image ID from hardware ?

Please read PS section Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)
and for changing images in list in run - you need to send from hardware image’s index

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Any chance to getting the android LED notification?

What is android LED notification?

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Still working on this, but so far…

Android 4.4.4 (my primary work tablet for Blynk) refuses to run BETA App - Yes, I have done all the uninstall/reinstall, etc.

Android 8.0 will run the BETA App, but I seem unable to load images from dropbox link… Unsure if due to the image, link or method.

Here is the link I am trying to use… NOTE this link will not stay active forever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meanwhile I still working on a way to get from within my network via direct IP, but that is not how this phone normally connects.

And on that note… Will adding image from one phone/tablet propagate across other phone/tablets? Or will this widget require loading images one at a time on each device used?