Some ideas

Hi all, I have a couple of ideas, I dont know if anyone suggest this earlier:

Im using iPhone app.

Slide gesture with tabs, in my opinion this is a must, specially on iPhone that everything is about gestures, also the tabs names can be smaller.

Notification with answer buttons or input, for example If temperature is higher than xxx, the user receives a notification asking to turn on the AC, or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

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This has been mentioned

Tabs do swipe along the tab portion and while full screen swiping is a big thing with all phones, that is usually reserved for the UI, not within every app… particularly when you have sliders and stuff that can be misinterpreted as a swipe.

Besides, I recall that there might be some tab changes coming along that might make this a mute issue?

I think the notification part is part of the Phone’s OS, not sure if Blynk can do much on that, but there has been talk about links, at least with Android.