Swipe for switching through the tabs

I found it a bit difficult to discover the tabs feature. Altough, it is taking to much space from the screen . The text is too small and the blank area is … alot. The text shows all the names in capitals only… Some ajustments for font size and tab size can be very usefull.

I think it is natural to use swype to switch trough the tabs, same as the homescreen of the smartphnes(most of them actually. Swype does nothing on


TABS widget was built before unlimited vertical scrolling. If you are a fan of swiping perhaps forget the TABS and swipe vertically.

I swipe back and forth through my 6+ tabs all the time :wink: you just have to swipe ON the tab line, not the whole screen.

@Costas In fact I find Tabs much easier than the vertical scrolling… sometimes tricky (depending on device) to swipe up/down without triggering a widget on the side.

@Gunner horizontal swiping of the tab line is not working for me.

With vertical swiping the trick is the positioning of the widgets to ensure you have plenty of widgets that don’t trigger actions like Value Display.

Hmmm… I have no problem with it on any Android or emulator I use… very smooth and quick to get from first to final tab.

PS I just noticed the “Disconnected from my bluetooth device” message… which is funny, seeing how I don’t have any such BT/BLE device in this project or on any active project… another minor glitch I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I learned that one early on :wink: If I have to have a button or slider on the right I make sure I have other space to swipe from… still, it is a pain and requires a fraction more time to position the finger… which does tend to conflict with muscle memory from swiping other phone screens and apps from any old where on the screen.

I think Blynk’s UI touch sense is just a little more sensitive.

@Gunner what’s the oldest version of Android that you are using?

Actively (daily) using with Blynk, and tabs… 4.4.2

@BlynkAndroidDev the fix for TABS that don’t have horizontal sliding appears to be to create new TABS. Is it not backward compatible for old TABS?

I don’t recall the fix… but the demo I showed is of my oldest active project (1 year)… and it’s use of tabs has been from the introduction of tabs… just added more tabs as needed.

EDIT - Opps… perhaps not from the introduction :blush: but from a long time ago… 10+ months I think?

Maybe that was the fix. Swipe some old projects that you haven’t added new TABS and let us know if they work.

Adding new TABs to old projects fixes the horizontal swipe.

But removing the new TABS breaks the horizontal swiping UI.

OK… I guess I have all “new” tab projects?? I have some old ones that I haven’t changed in ages and they do seem to work… must be some other issue then age :thinking:

But at least you found an answer, solved this OP, and now you both can swipe along with the rest of us! :+1: :smiley:

Not sure I have. On my 4.4.2 the horizontal slide is just moving the TABS along and not the actual TABS.

Ummm, what? :stuck_out_tongue:

You still have to click on the tab you want, after sliding to it… if that is what you mean?

I think OP wants to the TAB’s to appear as you scroll, no clicking.

Hmmm… I feel that would be a bad idea if it is.

When you have a lot of tabs, and bouncing between say 1st and last, etc. to compare info or change settings (which I do frequently at times), I sure wouldn’t want to have the distraction of all the tabs in the middle sliding by… especially if while swiping around, say while looking for the correct tab … and everything swipes… well, I think it would get harder to find the correct tab, and I wouldn’t enjoy that :frowning:

1st world problems… too many tabs :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose if they redesign it like the Android’s “open App” function or whatever the square button does, where you can see partial preview of many tabs… perhaps… but that sounds like a lot of design effort.

but that’s what horizontal swipe is all about.

But as stated, with current touch sensitivity and visual layout providing positional awareness (e.g. which tab or screen am I on), I can navigate between two full tabs quicker, with better awareness, then swiping up and down and wondering if that particular screen even has more info above or below where I am looking.

Yes, I do use both Tabs and vertical scrolling… and I have actually gotten lost, looking for that particular display or button, within the few tabs that use the vertical method :blush:

EDIT - ahh dyslexia… I thought you meant the up and down scrolling :stuck_out_tongue:

The way the current tabs slide, you would only ever see the one you are on and the one in either direction you would be sliding to… I think a complete redesign would be necessary to see, say 4-5 partial views, as you scroll around.

2nd EDIT… and even that way (and the way Android uses) still require that final click to choose… duh… how I missed that?

Anyhow, I like how it currently works. I simply rely on tab names and the ability to quickly click and peek as I go.

I’m not thinking about partial views, simply horizontal sliding that is very popular with smartphone users.

True… but consider the context… swiping on a phone is for quick viewing and choosing on a menu like environment… once you get into the meat of an App, then depending on the UI, you may not want your screen sliding around without solid forethought, say while trying to move a slider or drag you finger too much, etc.

Now if you restricted the whole screen sliding to only when touching the tab bar… i suspect the same issue I described would occur for heaver tab users, who want to bounce back and forth only between two screens, without distraction of midway content. (I would much rather see adjustable tab/page placements… without delete and recreate requirements… I know, coming soon :wink: )

Anyhow… The OP isn’t clear of the idea/issue and the rest is clearly subjective opinion :wink: But it was a thought provoking discussion… even if I do use 10 words to your 1 :blush: